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Lezley McSpadden

Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown who was shot and killed by police in August of 2014, has announced that she will be running for Ferguson City Council according to The Root.

After her son’s death, McSpadden threw herself into law enforcement reform having received her high school diploma, written a book, campaigned all over against police brutality and campaigned with Hillary Clinton for her 2016 bib for President.

McSpadden made the announcement while participating in a panel discussion on police violence at Harvard University.

“We have to get behind people who look like us and get them in these elected seats so that they can really do what’s right by the community, and I’m going to start with me by running for Ferguson City Council,” said McSpadden during the panel

If McSpadden runs, she will be the second parent of a child killed by police brutality according to Brandon E. Patterson a reporter for Mother Jones. Lucy McBath became the first after her son Jordan Davis, 17, was shot and killed by a white police officer in Florida for playing his music too loud. A few months back, McBath announced that she would be running for a U.S. congressional seat in Georgia her home state.

At the time of Brown’s death, the Ferguson City Council had consisted of white people with only one Black person on board. Since then half of the six-member council is Black. If McSpadden is elected to the board a portion of her job would be overseeing the police department responsible for the death of her son.

Being elected to a position like this would not only show change but also show relatability to the community on so many levels as McSpadden experienced first-hand police brutality with the death of her son.



(Source: The Root & Mother Jones)

(Photo Credit: YouTube)