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Three years ago today, Michael Brown was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri.

Over night, many gathered at the spot where he was killed to honor and remember his life.

After three years, a lot have asked the question how is Ferguson now? Have they moved on? Are they growing?

During an interview with Mayor  James Knowell III, St. Louis Today reports that the mayor is tired of answering questions about the riots and the burnings but wants to talk about a city that is working, “to make streets safer, build relationships between law enforcement and community.”

So What has changed? The white police chief and city manager have been removed and replaced with African Americans. A better representation of the city where two-thirds of the citizens are black.

This also includes a seven member council that only had one African American member on board at the time of Brown’s death. The council now has three African American members.

The Mayor notes himself as a change to the city, being a white man. He was re-elected as mayor after running against an African American council member who won two years older.

With two-thirds of the population being African American Knowell faces some challenges. “Some people have made me the villain and say, ‘As long as the mayor is there, nothing is going to change,’” however Knowell doesn’t see it that way.

During his term so far he’s worked to improve the police department, make court reforms and working with the federal government on even more permanent changes.

As amazing the growth is in receiving change in cities like Ferguson, we must remember the lives of Michael Brown and many others that lost their lives for these changes.

(Source: St. Louis Today)

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