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Mid section of pregnant woman touching abdomen over white background

MACON, Ga. (AP) — A 71-year-old white woman has been charged with battery after she and her son argued with two black female service members over a parking spot outside a restaurant.

A Bibb County Sheriff’s report says Judy James Tucker told deputies it all started because she’s white and it was a race issue.

The report says 34-year-old Stephanie Mitchell told deputies that Tucker’s adult son, Robbie, used obscene, sexist language as he told her and 27-year-old Treasure Sharpe to “learn how to park” on Saturday. Then, report says, the Tuckers followed the uniformed women inside, where Robbie Tucker called them “black lesbian b——.”

Others inside the Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen restaurant began recording. Video shows Judy Tucker striking Sharpe in the face while trying to stop her from recording as well. At one point, Sharpe says “I’m pregnant,” and Robbie Tucker says “Oh really, by her?”

The report says deputies reviewed cellphone video and determined that Judy Tucker was the primary aggressor, and there’s no evidence suggesting the other women did anything wrong. Jail records show the Macon woman was arrested and released on $650 bond. The deputies wrote that they were still investigating and more charges could be pending.

The NBC affiliate WMAZ says Cheddar’s issued a statement condemning the behavior of “the individuals who confronted the two female service members,” saying it “flies in the face of our values and those individuals are no longer welcome in our restaurant.”



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23 thoughts on “White Woman Charged After Fighting With Black Pregnant Service Member

  1. Kymmie on said:

    First of all she shouldn’t been putting her hands on nobody. 45 got these white folks out turned around and what’s going to happen is someone going to get hurt. I wouldn’t care if she 71 years old or not I would have beat her ass Point Blank!

  2. Barbara Dates on said:

    Racist white lady! Her man friend should have gotten a charge as well for trying to take the other lady’s phone.

  3. Mac Daddy Dr. Larry or who ever you are I was looking for your comment about black people and shiggity or your comment about black women and weave. Or any other stupid racist thing you have to say about this article.

  4. I hope your neighbors, friends, grandchildren, church members, and anyone you’re known to, sees this lovely snapshot of you!

  5. First and foremost that women was in the wrong because they never took there space, so why did they come in there messing with those soldiers? Second of all why did either of them call two soldier who project there dumb butts to be able to go to that restaurant freely. Who in the hell made them GOD. I am so glad the two soldiers acted the way they did, they make me proud to be a black American woman who has served these proud United States of America, regardless of who is in office at this time.

    • Tiana Nonbasic on said:

      As a Black Veteran I can tell you first hand they do not care about our service to this country. And clearly this is an example of their ignorance. SAD!

  6. ????? on said:

    This is for Kates1221….What a way for these two servicewomen to show RESTRAINT after this woman and her son attacked them.
    How’s betting that 40 acres and a mule comment working out for you? #Get a clue

  7. Sharron on said:

    Senile, old and racist just like her mentor in chief the Orange Cheeto. Fat boy should not be at a restaurant feeding his fat @ss face, but at the nearest gym trying to get rid of that big @ss tire belly he has. Sir, please put your utensils down, and back away from the table.

  8. Christianforreal on said:

    Is it me or did anyone else notice the other white patrons, or at least one other, white patron intercede in this scuffle and sided with the white. It really made it look like a white against black incident. The other thing I noticed is that the headline here at this site and spoken on the news cast, it states that this woman was ‘fighting’ with a pregnant woman. Now people, white people especially, note that if this had been the other way around, the headlines would have said that ‘The black patrons ATTACKED the white ones. This was a prime example of an attack, but the headlines didn’t say that. They tried to play it way down because the whites were the aggressor. It even noted that the woman was the most aggressive, but according to the video, at one point, that man was pushing up on the other black woman, just not as much as his mother. and when the other patrons came to deescalate the situation, there was another white woman who looked like she was siding on the white end of things.

  9. Carla s tatum on said:

    This is the climate of this country and it has gotten even worse since agent orange cheeto #45 took office they think they can do and say anything to Black people Because there is a racist in tjhe white house. It’s time for a reality check

    • Tiana Nonbasic on said:

      No its time to VOTE! I hear a lot of people complaining and not voting which is what is wrong with this country.

  10. I don’t care who you are what age if you put your hands on me to harm me I’m going to put it to you. The old raggedy ass hag paid $65 to get out of jail that’s ridiculous her loser son should’ve been charged with harassment and menacing. These crackers don’t respect Black people who fight for this racist country.

  11. vdabney722 on said:

    Everybody calm down. The servicewomen did the right thing. If they had retaliated against the old lady and her fat son, guess who would have gone to jail. I’m glad that other black customers intervened and calmed the ladies down. The best thing to do is to have them come out looking bad and getting arrested, because it’s usually them that start it in the first place. Take the high road.

  12. stephanie Jones on said:

    She should have defended herself by gut punching that old shrivel up piece of shit. Disrespectful hateful maggot, and her waste of sperm punk son is just as wasteful as his mother

  13. americanize on said:

    Some black people are so fu*kin fearful and passive,once the white supremacist female put her hands on you,she should have made the devil regret it.

    • Manetric Douglas on said:

      That woman was old and they would’ve crucified either of the service women for elderly abuse plus some. Let’s not be ignorant. And the way black people is leaving the Earth in numbers should be something you, as a human being, should be aware of. Fearful and passive ha!

      • Veronica Jennings on said:

        It’s a very sad when you see situations such as this.
        They followed these 2 women into the restaurant and continued to ridicule them.
        White people still feel as though they are the superior specie and colored people ate still none superior in there views. With the president that we now have in office give them this great feeling of entitlement. That’s a crock of Bullshit.

      • americanize on said:

        First of all the old white supremacist female should have knowed better than to put her hands on anyone,she’s the one who started the violence,I guess u feel b/c she’s white she should get a pass,and if any black person defends themselves against a old white supremist who wants to put hands on you,you should just take it well all black people aint taking that sh*t.As for black people leaving the earth,I guess ur not looking at ur numbers,yes I know ur a white supremist,ur birth rate is zero,ur overdosing,commiting suicide,and white on white crime is at an alarming rate,an lets not talk about the opioids.Its so bad 45 has set aside billions to combat it.But it won,t do any good because the universe itself has a way to rid itself of degenerates.And I stand by my statement.

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