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R. Kelly

Singer R. Kelly cannot stay out of headlines. Amid a recent accusation of grooming a 14-year-old as his “sex pet,” Kelly is accused of giving a woman an STI.

Beginning her relationship with the singer at the age of 19, the woman who remains nameless, says she contracted an STI from him, according to the Celebrity Insider. The woman recently filed a report against Kelly with the Dallas Police Department.

Lee Merritt, the woman’s attorney, wants restitution and compensation for the damages caused. A federal civil complaint is in the process of being filed against Kelly.

Since the start of his career, Kelly has gained a large fan base for his music. However, a trail of sexual misconduct allegations has followed him. Kelly was acquitted in a 2008 trial for child pornography due to the victim, 14 at the time, and her parents declined to testify in court.

Merritt says that his client was infected with an STI because of Kelly’s “criminal misconduct.”


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(Source: Celebrity Insider)

(Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton / PR Photos)

3 thoughts on “R. Kelly Accused Of Giving A Woman An STI

  1. Danielle jones on said:

    I have an issue with these rkelly stories! She is 19 yrs old knew who he was had sex with him now wants compensation oh im sorry money now?!! Always Money! Jacque Reid when he is convicted of a crime then do stories of rkelly okay?! Thanks

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