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The internet has gone crazy with trying to find out who bit Beyoncé at a Hollywood party of A-listers. Tiffany Haddish first spilled the tea of the incident when she shared talking to Beyoncé directly after it happened.

However, Ebony reports that filmmaker Tyler Perry says he knows which actress bit the Drunk In Love Singer. While doing press for his newest movie Acrimony starring Taraji P. Henson, Perry revealed to the press that he knew who did it.

People started shouting out various names of actresses who could have done it like Jennifer Lawrence and Sanaa Lathan who has denied biting the actress after being accused as the main suspect.

In an interview with Us Weekly Perry teased, “Oh I know who did. I’m not going to tell! But I know who did it.”

What is perhaps now one of the most sought out secrets is still being locked away for Hollywood stars to laugh and gossip among themselves. But who knows, if Quincy Jones could spill the tea about what he knew about people back in the day, then maybe we can be patient and hope for another tea party.

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