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Singer Ricky Bell from the hit R&B group New Edition and Bell Biv Devoe has had an amazing career in the music industry for many years with songs that continue to top the charts.

However, one thing he hasn’t done is a duet with his wife singer Amy Correa Bell according to Essence Magazine. Their first song together called Gold is a tribute to their love story of 14 years.

“We share a lot of the same musical taste—what we listen to when we’re driving, throughout the house, when we’re together,” explained Ricky in an interview with Essence Magazine. “The decision was made based off of our story together, our life together, and our marriage together, and sharing that story through song.”

Released on Valentine’s Day, the song gives fans an in-depth look at the union between the two. Soon after they released the first music video of Gold with the acoustic version.

When Ricky agreed to do a duet with Amy, she was both honored and excited to not only sing with her husband but to sing with one of the greatest musicians in the game.

“My producer and I were like we really respect Ricky and think he’s an incredible artist, and so, we really took that opportunity to study Ricky and be like, okay, everyone knows Ricky is Bell from Bell Biv Devoe, from New Edition. But, let’s show a side of Ricky that not everybody else gets to see,” expressed Amy. “And there’s a lot about Ricky that people don’t know. His musical taste is part of what attracted me to him back in the days.”

Their first video is a much softer view of the two’s love for each other. It starts out with the two at a fruit stand on the side of the road in the country. Amy’s a hitchhiker who takes a ride with Ricky when he offers her a ride in his Corvette. With Ricky dressed to the nines and Amy in laid-back country clothing the two never looked so cute.

In a new music video released March 13, 2018, Ricky and Amy are back in a hot and spicy remix video of their song Gold. Also directed by Meagan Good, the two heat things up on the dance floor of the nightclub with Ricky looking sharp and Amy parading in a slew of sexy dresses. A complete difference from the style of the video above but still shows the love these two have for each other.

The Bell’s are not afraid to show that they’ve got both a sweet and spicy sex appeal. Even better, you can definitely tell that the two really are in love. Something that fans of both singers haven’t been able to see.