Roland Martin: Killer Mike Tells You Why Guns Should Be In Your Home


Rapper Killer Mike is receiving much backlash for an interview he did with the National Rifle Association that raised questions. After getting beat down on social media for his point of view on guns in America he posted two videos apologizing that still didn’t help.

Roland Martin talks with Killer Mike to understand where he stands on gun control and what he thinks needs to be done in light of the recent school shootings and the March For Our Lives protest.

“It ran a week ago and then someone at the NRA got cute and dropped it on top of you know the biggest youth-led march our nation has probably ever had. I’m sorry that happened. I don’t have any control over that,” explained Killer Mike.

He’s in favor of having access to guns and especially encourages Black families to keep 5 types of guns in their house in case of tyranny.

You need a semi-automatic pistol, you need a revolver and you need a shot-gun. Those things are for protecting one’s self out in the world,” explained Killer Mike. He continued, “A shotgun is used for protecting the home front. You need a volt action hunting rifle which in many cases they’re more powerful than the AR-15. And you need an AR-15 or AK-47 some domestic semi-automatic version that looks really mean but still a semiautomatic weapon…You need a weapon in case of tyranny. Tyranny is why Black people have been free for 54 years.”





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