Roland Martin: Killer Mike Tells You Why Guns Should Be In Your Home


Rapper Killer Mike is receiving much backlash for an interview he did with the National Rifle Association that raised questions. After getting beat down on social media for his point of view on guns in America he posted two videos apologizing that still didn’t help.

Roland Martin talks with Killer Mike to understand where he stands on gun control and what he thinks needs to be done in light of the recent school shootings and the March For Our Lives protest.

“It ran a week ago and then someone at the NRA got cute and dropped it on top of you know the biggest youth-led march our nation has probably ever had. I’m sorry that happened. I don’t have any control over that,” explained Killer Mike.

He’s in favor of having access to guns and especially encourages Black families to keep 5 types of guns in their house in case of tyranny.

You need a semi-automatic pistol, you need a revolver and you need a shot-gun. Those things are for protecting one’s self out in the world,” explained Killer Mike. He continued, “A shotgun is used for protecting the home front. You need a volt action hunting rifle which in many cases they’re more powerful than the AR-15. And you need an AR-15 or AK-47 some domestic semi-automatic version that looks really mean but still a semiautomatic weapon…You need a weapon in case of tyranny. Tyranny is why Black people have been free for 54 years.”





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14 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Killer Mike Tells You Why Guns Should Be In Your Home


  2. mr soul on said:

    Your name killer mike i don’t like but i understand you need it to make a living. But i love what you stand for . Hey with agent orange in the white house hard working law abiding black folk will need tanks and bazooka for Trump friends in the KKK

  3. African American Woman on said:

    Yeah…like there’s a lack of guns in the black community…first we need to address the lack of responsibility, lack of respect for humanity and community cohesion before we talk about more guns…

  4. Christianforreal on said:

    Paul, you are absolutely correct. The playing field will NEVER level out. No matter what we as Black folks have to offer, we will always be the inferior one because white society will not allow us to match their levels. And it’s not like we need their permission to do so, it’s that they were here first and in the superior position first which gave them the upper hand. We can and have proven that we can elevate ourselves onto the same levels and even exceed those levels, but as long as the majority rules the rules won’t favor brown and black people. Changing the laws about gun control will only effect law abiding citizens, no matter what the color or nationality. Those we kill mercilessly don’t do so within the law. And I have a question; how will changing the legal age for a gun affect the military? Children are allowed to enter military service at 18, however aren’t allowed a gun until 21!

    • specialt757 on said:

      Maybe that could be an “exception” as there is always one to every rule, plus it would be a requirement of their job. However, if they are dishonorably discharged or have behavior or mental issues upon release, they are not to be allowed to register or own a gun, legally of course.
      What do other countries do as it relates to gun control? Don’t they have policies in place? Why is it that we see the most gun violence in our country committed by our very own citizens?
      Why can’t we reach a happy medium? I mean it’s not as if it’s unreasonable to say people should not be able to stock pile ammo or have an arsenal of guns (like the Vegas MURDERER) in their homes OR that mentally ill people should have access to weapons of any kinds but especially AR-15s and such.

    • African American Woman on said:

      What are you, a child? Society will not allow you to be equal???? You feel inferior because someone supposedly told you you were??? Pathetic and as self-defeating as one can get. Have you ever heard the saying that no one can make you feel inferior without your permission permission and you just gave open access to your essential being…this same inferiority mindset is why so many black folks fail at life and then blame everyone else for their personal sense of inferiority…do better and atop allowing hourself to be the victim of someone else’s mindset.

  5. October on said:

    I am a gun owner that went through the legal channels to purchase and own a gun. Yes, we do need gun control but If a criminal wants to obtain and use that weapon to kill, it will happen. No amount of gun control will stop that.

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    I think people need to understand that asking for sensible gun control “IS NOT TAKING YOUR GUNS AWAY” no one is infringing upon a citizen’s right to own a gun by asking that an 18 year old not be allowed to own an assault weapon, or having a waiting period and thorough background checks. But at the same time people shouldn’t be getting mad a Killer Mike for saying black people should have guns in their home, owing a gun is a right. There’s nothing wrong with owning a gun(s) to protect yourself, home or family as long as you follow proper laws and your guns are legal. We can’t criticize gun owners or collectors for having weapons nor should gun owners feel threated by protest asking for gun control.

  7. I sort of agree with Killer Mike regarding People of Color owning guns.
    Since white folks seem to have ARSENALS in their homes-YES, WE SHOULD ALSO BE ARMED TO THE TEETH IN CASE OF REVOLUTION.

    I am saving my $$$$ now so I can purchase a Mossberg Assault Rifle and a Bellini rifle.

  8. They attempted to castigate and bully this man, but Killer Mike handed their @sses to them. No one advocates for gun violence and this narrative advances a dangerous agenda to the sheeple of the U.S. The acts of violence experienced throughout the country at schools, theaters, malls, concerts, churches, government buildings, and even in our streets are all acts of terrorism. Perhaps more energy and focus should be on finding solutions to the issues in our society that may lend a hand to the terroristic mentality that some come to develop such as poverty, homelessness, hunger, joblessness, and a lack of access to quality education and healthcare which spells out to hopelessness and despair to me.

    • Exactly. If a blk man/ person commits a felony, The odds are against them that they will become gainfully employed. That’s the govt plan, arrest as many ppl of color and ruin their lives even if it’s miniscule offense. That’s a big reason for all the unrest in the blk community, lack of jobs and bad education. But it’s up to the individual to do better. If you want better, you’ll do better.

      • I get your point. But what if I tell you that I am from the streets and come from nothing and I have pulled myself up by the boot straps and have achieved more education (PHD) and financial success than anyone in my entire family yet it still pales in comparison to young white boys with less education, experience, and skillls and it is all due to the dual system in our society. Entertainment (alll forms to include sports) has been a major gateway for financial success for people in the black community but we have a blind spot when it comes to using gained fortune for the betterment of the masses. Don’t get it twisted, no matter what you do or what you achieve, you need others in order to gain any level of financial success because you are always selling (products, services). Simply put, even if you have a wicked jump shot, someone else has to choose you to play on their team. All that to say, don’t be so quick to downplay the struggle because it is real.

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