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Gospel artist Israel Houghton is known for some a lot of his greatest worship hits like Sunday Kinda LoveJust Wanna SayYou Hold My World and so many more. He’s back with a new song called Reckless Love that will speak to your heart.

“We’ve been working on this concept for quite a while. And I had a bunch of other songs ready to go. And then kind of over the summer I heard this song,” explained Houghton. “And in December I heard it a couple times and I was like, ‘man there is something about this song that speaks to me,’ and so I decided to record.”

Drawn to the song, Houghton shouted out Cory Asbury the guy responsible for writing the lyrics to the song.

“A guy named Cory Asbury wrote it. A young guy from Michigan. And it’s a humongous song right now. Like it’s really really connecting with churches all over the world, ” expressed Houghton. “And I just wanted to put a little flavor on it. And some of our own spices and seasoning and bring it to our world.”

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