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Admit it. When you saw Gladys Knight’s recent pics, you figured she’d had a little touch up. The living legend, now 73, has been sporting a fabulous, glamorous look lately and folks were for sure wondering what work she had done. Turns out, the work was from a talented glam squad, which Knight’s husband, William McDowell, showcased on his Facebook page this week.


It appears that despite the doubters, Knight has simply used what women, and especially performers, have used through the ages – the magic of makeup and hair to transform her look. In this video shot before the Oscars, Knight first appears without makeup and then takes us step by step through her beauty routine.

Now all we want to know is how we can steal that glam squad away!




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10 thoughts on “Gladys Knight Provides The Receipts On Plastic Surgery Rumors

  1. Gladys looks damn good for her age.
    Just goes to show that BLACK DON’T CRACK!!!!!!!!!!

    If a woman of color takes good care of her body and does not abuse it or allow herself to be abused-We can ALL AGE WELL.

    Kudo’s to Ms. Knight for looking FABULOUS at 73!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. leadjustone on said:

    “God’s grace, good living”, and I might add, a good husband! I must admit, I doubted her when I first saw the pictures, but I’ll take her at her word, and I stand corrected. She looks great!

  3. it’s amazing when a person gets rest and a good make over, people immediately think “Plastic surgery.” Sad. Besides, BLACK folk do not need to chop, slice and dice their faces so as to not look like spoiled fruit. We have that thing called melanin. Now for those of y’all who have more European in your ancestry, you won’t age as well and might be compelled to go under the knife. Good luck

  4. Ted Gravely on said:

    For any woman, but especially a 73 year old woman – in my opinion Ms Glady’s looks great with or without makeup. I love that short pixie cut. Also my opinion. I wish a lot of sisters would go back to that instead of weave.

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