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Ever wonder why you don’t see the Oprah Winfrey out and about with her man all the time? Her and her partner Stedman Graham have been together since meeting at a charity event in 1986.

In a recent podcast produced and hosted by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Winfrey talks about her relationship with Graham, experiences with Harvey Weinstein and having kids, according to Vanity Fair.


Tabloids have a way of twisting and misconstruing information about celebrities trying to get more people buying their content. Their known to take simple things and blow them out of proportion. Winfrey explains that in the beginning the stories used to bother her a lot.

When they’d happen, Winfrey would confide in Maya Angelou who imparted a lot of wisdom on her throughout the years of her life. She’d ask her for advice and Angelou would reply, “It has nothing to actually do with you. It has to do with whoever sat down at that computer that moment.”

Even with sound advice like that the weight of the struggle with the media and her relationship was something Winfrey didn’t want to mess with.

“It’s also why I stopped making as many public appearances with Stedman because I realized that every time there’s a new photograph, there’s a new story,” explained Winfrey. “I picture it: they’ve got the pictures on the wall. What do we have this week? What expression do we have? What can we create out of that?

To listen to the interview head over to Goop the podcast website to listen.



(Source: Vanity Fair)

(Photo Credit: Janet Mayer / PR Photos)

3 thoughts on “Why Does Oprah Make Few Public Appearances with Stedman?

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    Why is that even a question? If she wants to keep her relationship private that’s her business. Why do people think that they’re entitled to a front row seat to someone’s private life. Everybody isn’t the Kardashians, some people don’t put their business on front street like that. It’s almost like people assume something is wrong if you don’t let them into your world and allow them to invade your privacy.

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