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One Texas teen has taken a plea deal after admitting that she lied about her sexual assault at the hands of three Black men.

Breanna Harmon walked into her church last March, claiming that she had been raped by three black men. Today, she had to admit that she made the whole attack up.

According to Star Telegram, Harman pleaded guilty to four counts of tampering with physical evidence and government documents, which are felony charges.

“We’ve had major crime before, but nothing like this,” Denison, Texas, Police Chief Jay Burch said in a press conference.

Last year, she came into her Denison church looking battered, wearing nothing but her undergarments and a shirt. She had been reported missing just hours earlier.

Harmon claimed that she’d been kidnapped by three Black men in ski masks and that two of them raped her while the third held her down. At first, She told authorities that the assault occurred in a field near the church. She was later charged with a misdemeanor for lying to authorities.

She was later hit with felony charges when Grayson County prosecutors found that the extent of her lies required more serious charges. For example, Harmon admitted that she cut herself out of depression that her engagement was going to be broken off. She hurt herself and lied about the violent episode to avoid upsetting her family.

Burch explained, “We believe the crime scenes——from the initial ‘kidnapping’ scene at the apartment complex to the point of [Harmon’s] condition when she walked into the church——were staged.”

Harmon will be sentenced on March 20, and it is expected that she will either be given probation or a deferred adjunction arrangement under the terms of her plea deal.



(Source: Star Telegram)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock Images)

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28 thoughts on “White Teen Who Lied About Being Raped By 3 Black Men Found Guilty

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    They learn from the best, the parents of this lower than DIRT BITC%. I truly HATE pecker-woods. They have no shame in none of the sinful crap they have done. I believe that if the devils had not had sex with other men (The Bible) there would be no homosexuals male or female. They are nothing but FU*K Ups and that’s all they will ever be!

  2. Tiffani Hall on said:

    If You Do The Crime, You Should Do The Hard Time, I Say. No Slap On The Wrist For Something That Could Have Gone So Tragically Wrong! I Am Happy That No Black Men Came To Harm Or Danger for Her Outrageous Lies!!!

  3. White lying bitches like this were the cause behind the burning of our Black cities in the past, and the hanging of so many of our black innocent men. Put this Bitch in a jail cell with nothing but angry black women.

  4. In the late 90’s a white woman said that she was car jacked by a few black men and her baby’s were in the car. This was in South Carolina,and the cops there arrested and harassed almost every black man in SC. Come to find out the woman lied and killed her kids because her boyfriend didn’t want any children..

  5. Mrknowitall on said:

    This reminds me of the black racist stripper claiming the entire Duke lacrosse team rapped her & nothing happened to her. Or, the three black racists females claiming the entire bus full of European Americans attacked them. Or the black racist female college student tweeting European Americans are going to start some $hit on campus. Or the racist muslum claiming three European Americans attacked her when she also made up the story, And wasn’t prosicuted. Then there is Tawana Brawley. Don’t forget the girl that drowned her children in a van in a lake. Who amongst us hasn’t sinned may cast the first stone.

  6. This trash need jail time and to actually think that she won’t serve a say in jail sickening. This hoe got a way with committing multiple felonies and if this girl were black or Latino she would be in jail right now. Need to call the D.A. office in that county and get some answers!

  7. This trash need jail time and to actually think that she won’t serve a say in jail sickening. This hoe got a way with committing multiple felonies and if this girl were black or Latino she would be in jail right now. Need to call the D.A. office in that county and get some answers!

  8. Honestly on said:

    Nubians stay away from these primitive cave n!@@ers. They are liars, thieves and bastards. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  9. At least Tawana Brawley had to pay the person she lied on by having her paychecks garnished. Since no one was ever personally accused of dragging this ho bag, this turd should at least have to pay the city for spending time on her lying ass.

  10. Chris Mason on said:

    This lil inbred, white trash piece of filth!!! No prison or jail time??!! Well, there ya go folks, different kind of justice along the color line!

  11. Plea deal? Probation? What if she had identified 3 real black men – they would have been incarcerated and their lives ruined – Plea deal? Probation? Nope!!! Jail Time is the right thing to do

  12. This goes back to how that trashy white hoodrat lied on young Emmett Till and got him murdered and disfigured. These whites trashy white women have been lying on black men for generations and some of our black men keep running and sniffing their behinds. White women are the biggest liars on God’s earth and still don’t understand black men obsession with them.

    • My Opinion on said:

      Well AHL tell us how you really feel, but I do agree with you.
      I don’t see any comments from the honkey bigots who always seem to have something negative to say when it’s a black person doing something stupid or illegal, Where’s your comments now white bigots?

    • Salister O'Daye on said:

      They are piers from birth. That’s what they do best is tell lies on others. They been doing that from their beginning of their time

  13. americanize on said:

    Nothing to see here,typical white folks sh*t that they have been doing for hundreds of years.Glad no innocent black men were lynched.

  14. stephanie Jones on said:

    This lying scum deserved more that probation, she deserve severe jail time. I can just imagine the fear that hit every Black men in that city, knowing they may get arrested on made up charges by a deranged trailer park maggot. Send that crazy bi**h to jail

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