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After being dragged by fans on social media last week for saying her son wasn’t “blessed” with her good hair, Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Renay has announced plans to launch a new hair care line for mixed kids.

“Thank you guys for the negativity, because once again I’m going to channel it into something positive and I am now in the process of creating a hair care line for mixed children…so thank you once again,” she said in an Instagram post. (Watch in the video above.)

As previously reported, Crystal took to Instagram earlier this month with a request for help because her son wasn’t “blessed” with “Mommy’s ‘Hawaiian Silky’” hair texture.

Her comment section lit up with folks criticizing her for even making the distinction, which draws on the age old good hair/bad hair issue that has divided the African American community for decades.



(Photo Credit: PR Photos)

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17 thoughts on “Ne-Yo’s Wife Launching Mixed Kids Hair Care Line Amid Backlash

  1. Queen Sugar on said:

    She sounds real ignorant
    . That child is going to have identity issues because she isn’t going to teach him to love his own textures.

  2. African American Woman on said:

    Sorry, as sad as her comments are, we have to change our mindset about our hair. I think some of us would rather wear a silky mop on our heads than our own hair…Its sad and it determines how others see us. I see more of us wearing natural hair and it makes me proud…We are SO beautiful the way we are.

  3. Chris Mason on said:

    Ok,so black women buy fake hair…and white women have fat sucked out of their bums to inject into their lips, bum implants, breast implants, tanning bed (cancer risk) for darker skin and so forth and so on!!! What’s your point???

  4. Good hair is any hair that does not come out in the comb. And beautician will tell you, the best kind of hair to work with is thick coarse hair. It is stronger and you can do just about anything with it. That so called silky hair looks cute but is it is not the best hair. Too soft.

  5. Mac Daddy on said:

    Mac is right, and Eve’s childish response only confirms to me that she is one of many black women that wear weave. Last year it was a 10 billion dollar business in the US. Almost exclusively targeting African American women. These hair hatted hooligans are usually insecure, their hair being one of majority things they care about. Often times, taking out loans to satiate their insecurity. Meanwhile enriching Asians that are only too happy to take their money. Sad really

  6. leadjustone on said:

    Well, er, um, Mac Ben kind of has a point (minus the name calling). I don’t do store bought hair. I figure if it’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for me. I’ll just go with what He provided. Neyo chose to marry this person, and chose to bypass the mother of his first 2 children, who probably had hair like him. Now, this dumbo is criticizing her own child’s hair texture. If she wanted her kid to have silky hair like hers, she probably should have married someone with hair like hers.

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