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Whenever Trump talks reckless, there are folks coming with the clapbacks! Don Lemon keeps proving himself to be one of the best, most recently taking Trump down for his comments about homeless people being mentally ill and dangerous.

Where do we begin with this ignorant madness about the homeless? This is what Trump said on Thursday:

“Part of the problem is we used to have mental institutions, and I said this yesterday,” Trump said, his arms crossed, during a meeting at the White House with state and local officials after the Parkland shooting tragedy. “…those [mental] institutions are largely closed because communities didn’t want them.”

Pause: several communities are not throwing out homeless people, as there many initiatives in many cities geared toward helping folks. This myth can’t be perpetuated!

Trump continued with more toxic comments: “You can’t put them in jail because he hasn’t done anything yet, but you know he is going to do something. So, whether it be talking seriously about opening mental health institutions again, in some cases reopening. I can tell you in New York, New York did a very, very bad thing when they closed our mental institutions, so many of them. You have these people living on the streets. And I can say that in many cases throughout the country, they’re very dangerous. They shouldn’t be there.”

Here’s how Lemon and most folks interpreted Trump’s comments: homeless people are mentally sick, dangerous and will somehow get guns to hurt people. WTF?

Lemon thought these statements were dumbfounded. “I’m glad [Trump] he brought that up,” Lemon, with a smirk on his face, said to New York Times columnist Frank Bruni on CNN. “The people living on the streets in New York City, guess what they don’t have access to?”

“Homes,” Bruni said.

“Homes and guns,” Lemon noted.

These statements by Trump are so problematic. It’s wrong to stigmatize mental illness, and it’s wrong to insinuate that homeless people are nothing but dangerous. This is not a presidency built on morality, that’s for sure, but stupidity and ignorance will never be acceptable. Watch the video below.



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18 thoughts on “Don Lemon Drags Trump For Saying Homeless People Are Dangerous Shooters

  1. Con man “big bad” al sharpton was able to incite racial riots with ZERO repercussions. He pays ZERO taxes under the false statute of being a “revered”

    • Passing Through! on said:

      But yet trump has yet to release his taxes. But that’s okay, Mueller’s got them, hes got all of those dirty Russian transactions, paying off whores & prostitutes.

      • Passing Through! on said:

        And speaking of con man don’t forget the 25 million trump had to pay to the victims of his fake trump university, has stiffed so many lawyers and law firms no high powered law firm would represent him in the Russian scandal, has filed bankruptcy 6 times, paying off prostitutes, raping 13 year olds, inciting violence at his racist KKK campaign rallies…GTFOH! No bigger con man on earth.

    • Please come at me blackstar! 12 percent of the population yet over 60 percent of violent crime! Low iq’s, in fact the lowest of all! Please explain why a “white supremacist” such as “myself” has no problem admitting asians score higher on IQ test. NEXT

      • Passing Through! on said:

        Bitch GTFOH! The only low IQ here is yours posting that same repetitive bullshit in every post…oh & don’t forget blacks live in mud huts, aids carriers, And Jesus is white which proves the cave dwelling racist must be superiors…Lol!

    • Passing Through! on said:

      He got away because there was no crime stupid, do you believe those racist in Congress would let a black president get away with a crime If they had evidence to convict him, you can’t be that f**king dumb. President Obama knew those Republikkkan devils were out to get him unlike trump low IQ dummy Obama knows the law he was a lawyer and too smart to get caught up, that’s why the racist failed to make him a one term president.

  2. Phyllis on said:

    Every day trump wakes up and takes a breath is a guarantee that he will say something to make you scratch your head in disbelief. He is proof you cant fix stupid

    • And you again prove that blacks are the dumbest race of all! There is so much scientific evidence to prove this. Now get back to inciting racial riots with “Big Bad” Al Sharpton!

      • Passing Through! on said:

        Blacks have lowest IQ…sorry the trump family proved that wrong..LOL..Keep trying though….LOL!

      • Passing Through! on said:

        IQ test are racist tools of the government used to promote the myth of white supremacy or the lie that whites have superior intelligence which we that’s a GOD DAMN LIE!!!, since you made trump president.

    • not a SINGLE person has denied white people dont commit crimes. Yet 12 percent committing 60 percent of violent crimes. Look at any black country and it’s the highest in violent crime ratio! Care to explain g_orilla boy?

      • Passing Through! on said:

        If you add up all white systematic crimes, invading other countries, war crimes, slavery, slaughtering Indians, creating the drug epidemic, allowing kids to buy AR-15’s white crime tops black crime 10 to 1!!!

      • P.T. it’s more like 10,000 to 1!! Humanity can exist for 50 trillion years and white folks could never right all their wrongs. They won’t even admit to them.

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