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Imagine you are a woman who has had a rough week. It’s Sunday and you decide to get dressed up for church. You put on some red lipstick and decide to wear a wig — maybe because of the hellish work week, you didn’t have time to get your hair done or maybe couldn’t afford the salon that week…or maybe you just really like your wig.

Feeling confident about yourself and looking forward to the love of Christ, you hear vile, judgmental and misogynist rants from a so-called pastor who is preaching with hate, not love. The sermon is pure evil as he places his ludicrous constructs on how you should present yourself for the fashion of church. Then, he goes even further and rants about body parts, sex workers and using language like “hoe” — disguising all of this as the “word of God.”

Well, there are pastors like this and a prime example is Gino Jennings from Philadelphia.  See below:

Let’s hope that Gino’s house is 100 percent clean because everyday we see preachers outed for being everything they preach against. One site has labeled Jennings and his church, First Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, a cult. In addition, Jennings is anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim. Sexist, anti-LGBT and an Islamophobic? Basically, he is the Donald Trump of Philly preachers. Beware of false prophets.





Philadelphia Pastor Calls Out Women With ‘Lips All Red’ And ‘Fake Hair’ was originally published on newsone.com

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7 thoughts on “Philadelphia Pastor Calls Out Women With ‘Lips All Red’ And ‘Fake Hair’

  1. Marcia Bandara on said:

    Christians need to dress modestly, but this man’s ranting and raving and the look on the faces of his congregation is not going to win anybody to Jesus. External compliance to rules is not as valuable in God’s eyes as a humble heart that simply does what is right. The message of Micah is still pertinent today. Instead of taking pride in what we bring to God, we humbly recognize that no amount of personal sacrifice can replace a humble heart committed to justice and love. “What does the Lord require of you?…TO ACT JUSTLY, TO LOVE MERCY AND TO WALK HUMBLY WITH YOUR GOD’ Micah ch.6 vs.8” So paint up girl and look as nice as you can.

  2. He is completely right with everything he said women need to have respect for your self and your body embrace the beauty god gave you, and if you listened to the the full message he preached he discussed men walking around the church like pimps and how it was wrong, so he touch on the men and women He is totally right and the truth hurts but you need to hear it and i strongly suggest all of you should continue to watch his videos on YouTube and watch online at http://www.thetog.tv you will learn alot. God bless you all.

  3. Jusssayin on said:

    He should’ve come for the men too, but i understand his “rant.” Christians can be very hypocritical. By calling yourself that you’re saying you believe in the teachings of Jesus, and if you truly follow him, you really shouldn’t be bedazzling your toes and wearing makeup, or fake hair from women who are often forced to grow it out just so some man can cut it and gain a profit. Jesus wasn’t a fan of vanity or frivolous spending so preacher man told no lies. Plastic surgery, weaves, cosmetics, thays the devils work if youre a real christian. Most arent though, obviously.

  4. WOW!!!! Those comments are totally uncalled for. Why are only the women being attacked? And to say nothing of the language the man is using in the pulpit! What is wrong with the congregation sitting there applauding and standing up in agreement with him? I wouldn’t say that wearing red lipstick makes someone a “hoe.” There’s a lot wrong with his message that can’t be covered here, but there are at least two major problems with his “sermon.” First of all, it’s hateful speech against women. Just hypothetically–perhaps the women who come to church dressed like that are “new in Christ,” and could benefit from some guidance from the more seasoned Christian sisters. If they don’t know any better, then the church should be the place to teach them, not to attack them! Another problem is the men who sat there when the preacher said “If your wife dresses like this, then you married a HOE.” What self-respecting man who respects his wife is going to sit there and not defend his wife’s honor?? The bottom line is, if the church is not going to teach and mentor positively, then the people should have enough sense to go elsewhere where they will be valued as human beings. Some of these pastors and churches are a mess!!

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