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How many teachers can say that one of their students grew up to be a CEO of a multimillion dollar company? Not many, however Houston elementary school teacher Celestine Barnes can say she did.

KHOU News reports that Barnes received a special birthday message on her 80th birthday from one of her fourth grad students The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos sent a sweet birthday message to his teacher.

“Hi Mrs. Barnes, it’s Jeff Bezos. You were one of my favorite teachers back in elementary school. I remember you from 4th grade very well. You may not recognize me, I had more hair back then but I sure remember you. You had a big impact on me,” expressed Bezos the video message. “I heard you’re turning 80. That’s a big milestone! Congratulations and happy birthday. I learned a lot at River Oaks.” (Catch the rest of the message from the video down below)

Such a special message for a special woman was not easy to come by. Barnes daughter, Jenise Raven was determined to get Bezos to and tried for weeks to get his attention. She was only looking for a card when she received something even better.

“I need (my mom) to know that she’s special, not only to me, but to all the people she touched throughout her journey,” expressed Raven.

Celebrating her birthday in Pearland, TX February  3, several students attended the party for their teacher where the video message from Bezos was played.

“I was thrilled. I see a lot of my students in different roles, former students. Jeff us one who has been really outstanding, and I’m pleased to see him,” said Barnes. “This has been fabulous. I didn’t know all this was going on. I’m amazed to no end. I’m truly thankful and grateful”

And what kind of good student/ Amazon CEO would Bezos be if he didn’t give his teacher an apple. That is two apples in the form of Amazon Echo’s for Barnes birthday present.



(Source: KHOU News )