Godfrey: ‘You Didn’t Hear It From Me. I Got A Guy’


Comedian Godfrey is really into to football, like REALLY into football. He’s probably the only comedian that can explain the Superbowl in an Italian, German and Donald Trump accent!

Before they jumped into football talk, Tom thanked Godfrey for filling in while Donnie Simpson and Skip Murphy were in. “Yes the twins. The radio twins. I got my Donnie Simpson laugh you know,” laughed Godfrey.

Godfrey really knows the game of football. “I am a football man you know. I played some in high school, played some in college,” explained Godfrey. “With the Superbowl man there cheaters those Patroits. I’m sorry they want Tom Brady to be the face of the NFL and they lie.”

Godfrey continued to go in informing us in his best Brooklyn Italian accent that the games are fixed. “Sometimes the numbers need to change…You didn’t hear it from me. I got a guy,” said Godfrey.

Catch him at the Addison Improv February 1-3.



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2 thoughts on “Godfrey: ‘You Didn’t Hear It From Me. I Got A Guy’

  1. Alberta on said:

    Black Panther looks like its going to be very exciting to watch… can’t wait to see it. I hope there’s not much nudity or sex scenes it’s to be expected tho. Superman was really good. I hope they don’t have now gay or lesbian sex scenes but they probably will it’s 2018…smh

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