Roland Martin: Trump’s State Of The Union Did Nothing


The State Of The Union address made by President Donald Trump was met with a lot of disappointment as some felt he didn’t address serious issues that are affecting the government and nation.

Congressman Jim Clyburn, the highest ranking African-American in the Democratic Congress, talks with Roland Martin about what the President did wrong and what he missed in his speech.

“What I heard was a lot of platitude. If you look at the speech it was just laced with comments about people who have done great things and made a lot of sacrifices,” explained Clyburn. “It was just something thrown in there for him to go on Twitter today to talk about how many standing ovations he got.”

Before the speech, President Trump got into a Twitter war with rapper Jay-Z where he stated that Black unemployment was at an all time low under his administration. He mentioned again in his speech which turned out to be false.

“He didn’t talk about the fact that Black unemployment dropped about 9 points and 1 point under him,”  explained Clyburn. “He inhertied an economy that was on the decline thanks to Barack Obama.”

Trump did not give any real detail towards the future of this country and its plans. “He did not say anything of a significant nature as to the future and growth of this nation,” explained Clyburn.



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13 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Trump’s State Of The Union Did Nothing

  1. Mrknowitall on said:

    Dear black people: “Your” president, Obummer did not save the failing economy. What he did was write a check for five trillion dollars gave it to the bank and you have to pay for it. President Trump is creating jobs by bringing factories back. Also, the black democrats are literally house negros picking cotton for their white overlords Nancy Pelosi cry baby Chuck Schumer

  2. The trumpeter really has a lot of nerve trying to take credit for the blk unemployment rate. He’s piggy backing off of Obama’s success in regards to the economy. 45 has ppl on this website hoodwinked. As far as more money in our paychecks. That doesn’t go in effect until February. The average person will only see an extra $20/wk. watch. As far as our 401k. It’s been doing good before 2017. Trump gets no credit. Nada!!!

    • Oma Tekoa on said:

      And tell me what policies Obama put in place that are now taking effect after his eight wasted years? Don’t delude yourself. The con from Chicago did nothing for us, only for gay folks and illegal immigrants from the Hispanic Nations. Get wise and smart.

  3. Christianforreal on said:

    Oma Tekoa you are joking, right???? Donald Trump did absolutely NOTHING to help to lower the Unemployment rate, let alone for Black Unemployment. ALL THE EXPERTS will tell you that those numbers were going down starting during the Obama administration. It just so happened that Trump came into office during that time, but he had NOTHING to do with those numbers going down! We don’t have a problem giving him credit , but let’s save it for something HE HAS ACTUALLY EARNED the credit for doing.

  4. October on said:

    Just like most of the State of the Union Addresses. They’re talking points on what the Pres would like to do or has done. All I can say so far my 401K is progressing nicely and has been for a while. There is more money in my paycheck that will help my family. I agree Oma, lets take the good and keep it movin’.

  5. Oma Tekoa on said:

    Common y’all. Lowest unemployment rate for our community ever cannot be nothing! Even Obama and Hillary would have been proud of Trump achievement in just one year. Let us give Trump credit, which is due and stop all this hating without a cause. He who envies is the lesser man. Even Obama for eight long years in the WH could not achieve this. Why can’t we be happy for once that Trump’s govt has brought some incredible gains for our community instead of this self deluding hatred for the man? It is just madness to continue like this.

    • Oma, I think it would behove you to do some investigation instead of taking what Trump says as fact. Have we not learned anything? Do you not know that the things Trump is taking credit for is due to Obama??? When he actually does something for our community I will be happy to give him credit for it. However, I doubt that will EVER happen!

      • Oma Tekoa on said:

        Please educate me on the policies Obama implemented that took effect after he left office and for which he is due credit?

    • What company or millionaires you work forth. I work as a RN In a major Hospital and mine ain’t doing anything. This is a truly white white house administration. If you have money you will make money. If you are middle to low income families we will continue to make you money, while we perish. That’s the reality.

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