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The California Congresswoman snatched #45's entire wig off, calling him "dangerous," "racist" and "unpresidential."

President Donald Trump, in his first State of The Union address, claimed he wants to unite America, but his speech on Tuesday further divided an already racially-polarized nation. Trump has shown his disdain for immigrants and people of color during his first year in office and Tuesday Trump was consistently intolerant in his approach to […]

President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union address was not received well by many people. Of those is prominent journalist Angela Rye who is not afraid to tell it like is when it comes to the truth. She’ll be hosting a BET special called Angela Rye’s State of the Union where she’ll analyze and talk about the speech. […]

The State Of The Union address made by President Donald Trump was met with a lot of disappointment as some felt he didn’t address serious issues that are affecting the government and nation. Congressman Jim Clyburn, the highest ranking African-American in the Democratic Congress, talks with Roland Martin about what the President did wrong and […]

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  Russ Parr and entrepnuer and broadcaster Armstrong Williams get into an argument on air over President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. “The speech was good. It was not divisive, it was not offensive. And it was very eloquent and it was very presidential,” explained Williams. Parr didn’t think so and began listing the ways […]

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The CBC will posthomously honor civil rights activist Recy Taylor with red pins during the January 30 address.