Roland Martin: Should Confederate Soldiers Be Honored?


When the words Confederacy or confederate soldiers come to mind the thought of the Civil War, slavery, white supremacy and racism follow there after. Through all of that questions of honoring Confederate soldiers come up time and time again. Should they are should they not be honored?

Roland Martin talks with Virginia’s Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax who presides over matters like this.

“Every year they rise and try to adjourn the session on the memory of Stonewall Jackson,” explained Fairfax.

As the Lt.Gov. Fairfax’s job is to preside over everything that comes to the floor of the Virginia Senate. However, this time is different as Fairfax decided to respectfully step down from presiding on the day Stonewall Jackson was going to be honored.

“It really wasn’t a hard decision for me,” explained Fairfax. “I’m not going to participate. I will not be a part of this…I think we have to stand up for our values and be guided by our conscience.”


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3 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Should Confederate Soldiers Be Honored?

  1. williaml on said:

    Blacks fought for the confederacy as well as whites.
    Blacks owned slaves as well as whites.
    The Confederates became Dixiecrats which are now Democrats.
    Most Blacks are Democrats anyway and the Confederates were their Heros.
    If you are a Democrat, you should honor your Confederate Heros.

    • Treason is treason,no matter what color the traitors may be,and if private organizations for Confederate apologists,of which you are probably a member,wish to honor them on their own dime,time,and property they have every right under the 1st Amendment.No such ceremony however should be permitted on public property or official government sponsorship.Do you think Iraq should allow statues of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi to be erected by ISIS sympathizers?
      No doubt the black Confederates were forced to serve much like some Jews in Nazi occupied countries during WW2 were conscripted into the Sondercommando units in order to herd their own people into ghettos and prevent them from escaping,or load them onto trains going to the death camps.Those who refused became Holocaust victims themselves.
      You post like a typical GOP troll who must have studied history at Trump U.Democrats are the oldest political party,founded by Jefferson some 6 decades before Lincoln founded the Republicans.The Dixiecrats were a Southern segregationist caucus of right wing Democrats who defected to become a third party against Truman in 1948.They inadvertently helped the Democrats retain the WH when Truman upset the heavily favored Republican Dewey in that year’s POTUS election.Most blacks,in states where we were allowed to vote,were registered Republicans including my grandmother,remembering it as the party of Lincoln. Yet many voted for Truman after he issued the then heretical order to racially integrate our military.The Dixiecrat caucus nominated Strom Thurmond for POTUS,who despite his loss remained a senator from SC.He and other Dixiecrats eventually became Republicans as the two parties switched their general ideologies in the mid-20th century.
      As a Democrat,and Army combat veteran I honor the patriots who defended our country against all enemies foreign (Germans,Japanese,N.Koreans, and domestic (Confederates,Klansmen,Communists,neo-Nazis,ISIS sympathizers, regardless of party affiliation.

      • Guest1 on said:

        The Republicans are hypocrites in addition to being traitors. Wasn’t it last year that they were all on the side of law enforcement and felt america was being unfair to the men in blue for the killing of unarmed people? Now we have a fake prez and his fake administration siding with a foreign ENEMY to undermine our democracy, and yet, the GOP is fighting tooth and nail to protect what these traitors have done or are doing by attacking law enforcement, yes the FBI, The same men they swore was the last line of hope to end corruption in this country and to stop all this make believe carnage. He truly is a Svengali. So many GOP members have sold their souls to this devil pledging their loyalty only to be later used and abused and kicked to the curb once the devil is through with them. No loyalty for treasonous.bandits.

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