Mo’Nique Defends Her Netflix Boycott [EXCLUSIVE]


Comedian and actress Mo’Nique has been out on social media asking for support from fans and celebrity friends about boycotting Netflix for lowballing her. Mo’Nique joins the Tom Joyner Morning Show along with her husband Sidney Hicks to speak her piece about Netflix.

Comedian Guy Torry commented that many people believed that Mo’Nique was “out of the game” for a while in comedy.

“When you say, ‘out of the game,’ what do you mean out of the game,” asked Mo’Nique. “Here’s where It gets funny, I never left. We were doing the Spread The Love tour, I never stopped doing stand-up. It makes me laugh when you (Guy Torry) and Tony Rock  says ‘she left the game’ when you go back through my records, I never left the game.”

Entertainment journalist Jawn Murray got on Facebook live and claimed that Mo’Nique was offered $3 million for the special only if she performed her comedy set for them.

“No, no one would promise you what they’re going to give you money to based upon the condition of what you’ve done,” explained Hicks. “I would be interested to know how Jawn Murray knows a deal better than we do…To answer your question no.”


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60 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Defends Her Netflix Boycott [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. SheCat54 on said:

    Too many BLACK PEOPLE are so caught up in DIVERSITY that they can’t see the real picture. DIVERSITY is just another way for the pecker wood to be in control. Black people really ENJOY cutting their race of people down. Thanks MO’nique for not being a PUNK and taking only what they (pecker woods) want you to have. I think you a very talented and you stay true to you and your star will shine. You owe nobody nothing. You should become a movie producer. God Bless!

  2. MariAnne Bolton on said:

    OK. I get it. Yes, she should speak up for equality…..But WHY does she feel the necessity to ATTACK other Black people?

  3. stephanie Jones on said:

    Mo just need to sit down, get some peace in her life. The more she talks, the more irrelevant she becomes, she is gonna boycott herself into early retirement.

  4. Diane Reed on said:

    Wow….the negative comments I’m seeing all speak to exactly what Monique stated very clearly. Because of the history of slavery in America, Black people have been conditioned to be unsupportive of each other ESPECIALLY when the conversation has to do with behaving & speaking out about the realities of us being treated like we are NOT as valuable or equal to White people. We must LISTEN to what Monique is saying, inequality of treatment to Black people has to STOP, no matter who the Black person is.

    We ALL know that when we are personally treated unfairly by White people on our jobs, at our children’s school’s, at the grocery store, at the mall, anywhere if we don’t say something it WILL continue.

  5. Apparently, people are missing the big picture. Mo’nique is relevant enough for others’ income to rise except hers? Major corps and individuals are reaping the benefits off her brand (years of hard work) not solely off any “misbehaving.”

  6. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    No way I would boycott Netflix for Mo’. The issue is not equal pay, its a matter of what you have done to earn such pay. Can she headline and sell out a tour, at a large venue, stadium, coliseum, etc? This whole equal pay idea is beginning to go off track where talent and skill are no longer relevant. Humble yourself Mo’ and take the 3Mil. Actually that probably is no longer an option given this fiasco you have created. Humble yourself Mo’ and take the little steps to that larger payday!

  7. The problem with Moniques wanting black people to boycott Netflix is she wasn’t so pro-black when she got on stage and told 3 of our most influential BLACK people in the business, those employing/supporting thousand’s of black people, to suck her dick.. Now you’re pro black? Gthoh

  8. Monique is very condescending and arrogant. That’s her issue. Boycotting netflix serves her best interest and not anyone else’s. Its unfortunate….

  9. msstarr82 on said:

    MY opinion was CONFIRMED and now is even lower of Monique’s attitude and behavior after the interview. I felt her true delusions of self importance and worth in the historical references spoken of to actual people who fought for AA’s without attempting to gain personally above all else. Maybe they could try listening to someone other than each other!!

  10. Ted Gravely on said:

    Her husband is her manager and doing his job. Hopefully they make it. I would hate to see the fallout if they divorce. Having said that, I have never been a fan of her comedy. She curses entirely too much and laughs before she delivers the punch line. Now I loved the tv show and she has acting chops. I will just never go see her doing stand up. I personally think they are overpaying all these comedians, but hey get it while you can. The interview was okay, but why didn’t they ask her what was her largest stand up crowd without Queens of Comedy. I don’t see Mo selling out stadiums and civic centers.

  11. People you have to look at the bigger picture, what Monique is stating have been going for years, Black people being under paid for the same job/performance, that a Caucasian Person does. It occurs in every job Market and will continued as long as we as a people think we are not deserving. And Bash those who speaks up.

  12. JARASKI WHITE on said:

    She is out of touch. She sounded ignorant
    and failed to prove anything. She needs to
    Learn the difference between equality and equity. She has overestimated her worth and
    Just needs to take a back seat at this point.
    Her spirit is so rude and condescending.

  13. DougMc on said:

    I won’t be boycotting Netflix for Mo. Wish someone would offer me $500k. If Mo’s comedy is worth $10 million, she should take it on the road and get the money. Go prove yourself.

  14. The first question asked was were you asked to do a set, she deflected with a question. Sid did the same then said no, just show the emails so people can see whether or not to stand for with her?

  15. BClark on said:

    Haaaaaaa Guy bitched up. Monique needs to realize she does not have that large of a following and doesn’t warrant being paid millions. Either you take the offer from Netflix or not. Calling everyone “Baby” and all that cutting people off mess was totally disrespectful.

  16. Leslie on said:

    Does anyone know if the entire interview is available? I missed it this morning, and only heard the last two callers on the clip above…

  17. Saturn on said:

    Maybe she should remember how Janet Hubert ( The real Aunt Viv) has been treated in the industry. She had a legitimate issue but was black listed just the same. You are not in the click right now Monique. Take this time to regroup and move on

  18. Hey, I like Mo’Nique. I think she is a beautiful and talented sister. A funny lady, a great actress. Loved her on The Parkers and I believe that she is worthy of an Academy Award nomination for Almost Christmas–BUT, the bottom line for me is that her problems and issues became more “apparent” when she hooked up with her Svengali husband. He is leading her down a path of destruction. He can do no wrong in her eyes. I’ve listened to their podcasts, and what/who they talk about is pure filth. Besides that, he has instigated her to alienate her friends and supporters in the industry. Mo and Sidney try to make everything seem like a black/white issue and people in the business are trying to undercut her and hold her back. I don’t think so! While of course there are games being played in Hollywood, Mo needs to take a hard look at herself and her ATTITUDE and foul language! Stop spreading the hate! I really feel sad for her and her career. I was in her corner, but that husband of hers is going to cause her to lose everything. Just watch and see what happens! ☹

    • Toni Wilson on said:

      Everything you’ve said is absolutely real! This man is her downfall. She was doing great prior marrying him. He’s the one behind these outrageous negotiations when in any other case, the $$ being offered isn t bad! Especially when you’re doing NOTHING MUCH now. I think he’s using her & she’s desperate to have a husband & he totally brain washed her!

  19. Claudette on said:

    Does she really think she has a following that large, that would affect the decision Netflix with a boycott. Research before to make foolish decisions, check yourself, your manager and then proceed. I really don’t think she understands the marketing game. Selling out at clubs is one thing but arenas is when you have hit the big time.

  20. Sister Monique, stay strong and true to the cause. You know you are right because of all the attacks. Yet though they slay me! Stay righteous!!

    • Please black people, don’t let us continue to be divided. Quit playing the crab card, pulling others down. Inequality is BLANTANT for us all from the top (of the income chain) to the bottom. Equality for ALL benefits ALL. Netflix is purely wrong. Most industries are. But, instead of taking advantage of the spotlight that benefits Monique, yes, as a benefit to us ALL, y’all turn around and attack her. I too have been underpaid. Told my white male counterparts “have a family to support” …and, I don’t? Asked, “why do you want to make that much money anyway?” (similar to Monique) by a BROTHER!!! Because, if it is the pay for one, it is the pay for us all. If a no-name wanna be gets $200M, an Emmy winner deserves $500M. And, it isn’t like Monique can’t produce. Look at all the comments. Like it or not, she has fought her entire career to get to this money making point and deserves the same pay offer as her white counterparts PERIOD! Per MLK, Jr., inequality for inequality for us ALL … and we know this!!!

      • Stephen A. on said:

        Im sorry, but Mo’nique needs to be called out on her ish. This isn’t a black issue. It’s a Monique being brainwashed by Sydney Hicks issue. People aren’t attacking het gratuitously, they’re seeing her manipulation, likely at the hands of her husbandger and her exploiting issues for her own selfish gain. If MoNique had gotten her 20 mill, how many of us would be boycotters would’ve benefited from it?

        She’s in a position to turn her nose up at 500k when the people she wants to boycott will never see that for one job.

        She’s not fighting a noble cause, she’s self serving and exploiting. She was rude and condescending to the hosts. She overestimates her market value.

      • Linda not causing division works on both sides. This current divide in our community has been caused by her. If it’s going to stop, it will once she decides to stop attacking her ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’ for no real reason other than to stay relevant. AND she is far from being righteous and no I’m not judging. Linda if you are going to use any part of Scripture to show her support understand It does not support her filth or chaos. Scripture in fact teaches that her behavior is the work of darkness not light. God is a God of order and what she is doing is not even close to that. She has said some filthy things about folk in the industry who have not only employed her, but who are employing people who look like her that tend to not get hired. Now she is attacking Roland Martin w/o being fully aware of who he is, what he has done and what he is about. If she were she would have never questioned him. That thin ice she is treading on is going to crack real soon.

      • She is not! Stop it! Have you been to a club to see her! She ok, she is just ok! No large crowds! Extremely profanity lace jokes and stories! Stop how great she is!

  21. P Lashon on said:

    I’m so over Monique. Sorry (not sorry)I don’t feel like she is worth the 20 million she was hoping for. This should be a wake up call to go back to the drawing board. Do something different if you want a different result. Being bitter and condescending are not working in her favor.

  22. I do not know exactly know how the Hollywood industry works but I’m pretty sure it is driven by money. In my industry (manufacturing) it’s pretty simple high demand for you product and or service equates to High compensation. In the case of Mo’Nique I personally haven’t seen were there has been a large demand for her “BRAND” of comedy and believe that is the point the Guy Torry was trying to make. Exactly how she conducted herself during this On-Air interview is exactly why I do not care for her BRAND of comedy. The way I see it NETFLIX have and still has employed a lot of “OUR PEOPLE” with various projects and programs that ALL members of my family currently enjoy. Mo’Nique made a comment that she still had standup performances similar to Guy Torry and some others she mentioned. I would be willing to bet that her standups did not generate and or sustain the number of jobs that NETFLIX has. So in the words of Spock….”The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the FEW.” So WE will not be boycotting NETFLIX on her behalf. I would suggest that she focus more on growing her BRAND verses portraying herself in the same light as a Harriet Tubman. “IJS”

    • CVsuchandsuch on said:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Also, I HATED her cutting off Sybil, and calling Guy “Baby…” Down where I’m from that’s a good way to get cussed out. I immediately had thoughts of turning the interview off when I heard her say that, but I continued on to see if she actually had a good point, and I was wrong. I was proven wrong. Obviously she has an ego that is broken, and the poor woman hasn’t come to the realization that you cannot bully or out-talk someone into respecting you.

  23. Phyllis on said:

    It appears that Mo’Nique has not matured to the point of being able to agree to disagree. She seems to want everyone to see things exactly as she does and that almost never happens in real life. There is no need for an grown woman to need everyone to agree with her 100%. She tries to speak softly and call people “baby” and that makes it respectful. Well it doesn’t because we see that she’s the same “Big Mouth Mo’nique who throws tantrums when people don’t back her up in her foolishness.

  24. Gender equality? Amy is a woman. Race equality? Dave and Chris are of the same race as Monique. Perhaps it is more a question of her worth as a comedian. And that is what “regular folk” deal with daily without the support of famous people, baby. Only when it really starts to hurt Hollywood does Hollywood ask for support from their audience. Let’s see you all boycott Walmart when their workers were fighting for equal pay or teachers from most school districts in the country. Tom Joyner and some DJs were in the battle with us.

  25. She misses the point of Guy’s comment that she’s been out of the game! Even if she continued to do standup, no one knew apparently and there wasn’t enough buzz! You cannot fight that if people don’t know about you! You can work 365 days of the year if there was no press or PR to show how great you are it’s like it didn’t happen! She keeps bringing up stuff from decades ago! You don’t come on an interview and talk down to the host! That’s rude! This is not the Mo’nique show!

  26. Missy Plum on said:

    seems like Monique issue is with Amy Schumer baby they should go on tour together and battle it out comedian vs. comedian Style

  27. Missy Plum on said:

    Flatout I don’t want to support Monique she cannot be our leader please anybody else Step Up please… Wanda Sykes didn’t get the money she wanted and went somewhere else and made it happen why can’t Monique do the same why do we have to boycott


      • Stephen A. on said:

        She actually was combative and defensive. Trying to down talk Sybill,trying to over tralk Guy Torry into saying what she wants him to say, so she can continue to say “they said one thing, then after I was done, they agreed with me”
        She wanted them to buy into her delusions and instead of respectfully explaining her position, she was rude and condescending.

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