O’Shea Jackson Jr. Wants You To See ‘Den Of Thieves’


O’Shea Jackson Jr. son of actor and music rap legend Ice Cube is well on his way in a career of acting. After his phenomenal performance in Straight Outta Compton, he’s returning to the big screen in the new film Den Of Thieves.

Before jumping into movie talk, Kym Whitley had to ask if he thought his father prefered acting or music more than the other.

“I would say acting. You know my father, you know I’ve seen my father on both sides. I think its fun you know when he does music its music as Ice Cube. I feel that acting gives him more things to work with,” explained Jackson.  “It lets him get down a little bit more. Gives you a couple more characters to work with. So I would say acting because you know everyone wants to play a superhero every now and then.”

Den Of Thieves is an action packed film about a group of guys and a major bank heist.

Den Of Thieves is about a group of men who are ex-military. They don’t know what to do with their skills once they got home. You know there’s no war.  It kind of leads them into a life of crime,” explained Jackson Jr.  “And a it’s a heist, you know. They’re into robbing the big banks. They’re known as the outlaws and that’s really the crew that I’m in. 50 Cent, Pablo Schreiber, myself and Evan Jones.”

Den Of Thieves in theaters now.



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3 thoughts on “O’Shea Jackson Jr. Wants You To See ‘Den Of Thieves’

  1. OMG—Ice Cube’s son looks just like him.
    Can’t deny no Paternity there!!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing “Den of Thieves.”

  2. Phyllis on said:

    I saw it this weekend. Good movie but it was like watching Ice Cube all over again. He has to figure out how to get out from under his father’s shadow and claim his own.

    • Afrikah on said:

      He can’t help that he looks like him. That’s genetics for your information. However, I do think he has more of an acting range than Cube and he’s not just limited to just one type of role. He’s doing a really good job making his own mark in entertainment.

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