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2016 American Music Awards

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Black Twitter is pretty upset with Ciara. 

So…what exactly did she do?

Apparently, the mother of two posted a clip co-signing with pastor John Gray, who insinuates that too many women act like a girlfriend instead of wife. The “Goodies” singer captioned it, “#LevelUp. Don’t settle.”

Take a look:

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#LevelUp. Don’t Settle.

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Interesting, depending on how you interpret this.

Obviously some folks on Black Twitter took issue with the post, claiming that Ciara forgot her past before she married Russell Wilson. And they believe she is shaming and blaming Black women for being single.


But not everyone disagrees with Ciara and believes that Black women do need to find their self-worth in order to be in a long-lasting, loving relationship. They also don’t understand why folks are coming for her, especially since they believe that Russell upgraded her:

And then there were the those who enjoyed sitting around watching it all unfold:

We’re pretty sure Ciara did not want to be trending on Twitter because of this!

Ciara updated her post with another that further clarified her position:

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Do you agree with Ciara? Do you believe that if Black women begin to recognize their self-worth they will find a husband?





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10 thoughts on “Black Twitter Drags Ciara For Instagram Post About Marriage, She Responds

  1. specialt757 on said:

    To the people who have a problem with what she said I only got one thing to say “If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that barks in the one that got hit” You know what I’m sayin’? lol

  2. Dude said it best…Ciara said act like a wife and you’ll find a husband and y’all hate her for it but when Cardi said a hoe never gets cold you bitches stopped buying jackets.. I don’t understand 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Its not funny but THE TRUTH HURTS don’t it LOL! This falls right in the category of ‘don’t snitch’
    and all the other ‘childish vernacular-time to GROW UP! The Preacher is RIGHT!

  4. And the way I see it, if you are the “girlfriend” and that is what you person choose and is ok with it, then Cira is not talking about you; but if you are the “girlfriend” yet waiting to be married to the guy, then YES, Cira is talking to you.

  5. hotlanta on said:

    YAWNNNN taking advice from a man who couldn’t get woman to screw his fat azz until he was 30 and now he is trying to tell someone else how to act. Ciara you gonna get yours because you/Russell try too hard to be perfect. The 2nd wife is always the one talking the most mess as if she isn’t gonna ever get divorced. If he was so good why is he divorced?

    • What is wrong with trying to do the right things as Ciara and Russell are doing? See, that girl is living a good life and she seem to want others to have the same. That 2nd wife thing has nothing to do with it as well. If that is the case, then why does some FIRST wives talk a lot of mess? There is not rule on who say what. I have seen it goes both ways. See that is the problem with some blacks folks. She is right. Too many are girlfriends instead of wives. Truth hurts. As for being divorced, he maybe divorced because he made a FIRST bad decision but now has good one the second time around. Some people marry for the first time for stupid reason and so on until they get it right.

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