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It seems like Venus Williams can’t catch a break! The judge presiding over the wrongful death case from the 2017 summer car accident that killed Jerome Barson, released her phone records to the family.

Page Six reports that the judge gave an order to subpoena the phone records from the tennis champion in an attempt to see if she was distracted by a call or text message during the incident. Williams representatives deny that there’s anything on the records to prove that.

In fact, they say that she wasn’t distracted by her phone and was not the cause of the crash. She entered the intersection with a green light but stopped to avoid hitting the car in front of her due to traffic. It was then that Williams car was hit by Barson’s car who also had a green light.

Allegedly the Barson family had asked for Williams’ phone records but this is the first time that the judge has allowed the records to be released.


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(Source: Page Six )

(Facundo Arrizabalaga/Pool Photo via AP)

One thought on “Venus Williams Phone Records Subpoenaed For Wrongful Death Case

  1. To all out there whenever you’re in a accidental death situation you’re gonna get sued one way or another in other words you gonna pay out some money 💰

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