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2017 went by in a flash. The one remaining constant in 2018 is that social media is here to stay. How we connect, function, move, interact and socialize is dominated by our cell phones.

My epiphany last year is that social media had me craving more real-life social settings.

Now that 2017 is behind us, the Top 10 Fitness Trends of 2018 are here.

In reviewing the Top Fitness trends on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and some of my favorite motivational speakers here’s what I found.

Number 1: Wearable technology to help you achieve more individual results.


Number 2: One of my favorite ways to work with multiple clients is Group Training.

Number 3: Pet Inspired Group Fitness for the pet lovers out there.

Number 4: Family Fitness and Dance Inspired Group Fitness Classes

Number 5: Circuit Training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)  is still trending.

Number 6: Add a splash of water with Aqua Aerobics in 2018.

Number 7: Yoga and Pilates classes are still trending with or without heat.

Number 8: DNA Testing for additional facts about your body.

Number 9: Apps and Artificial Intelligence for all you techno fit junkies.

Number 10: Mindfulness Workouts that incorporate your mind, spirit and body.

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For more information on Madison Chase, go to her official website HERE.





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One thought on “The Top 10 Fitness Trends Of 2018

  1. We are really glad to see that dance inspired group fitness classes are in number 4! This makes our dance fitness program “Dancise” even more valuable nowadays! Thank you for the information!

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