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Hearts are breaking all over because Michael B. Jordan is officially off the market.

Going right into the New Year, BET reports that Jordan is allegedly dating a woman by the name of Ashlyn Castro.

The two were seen celebrating New Year’s Eve and Kwanzaa with Jordan’s friends.

If that’s not enough to break you, Twitter went crazy when they found out that the Black Panther stars new boo isn’t Black. Click through to see what they had to say.

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30 thoughts on “Michael B. Jordan Has A New Bae…But She Isn’t Black

  1. Black Panther was awesome! Michael B. Jordan, played the role of Kilmonger like a true acting genius!!! The whole cast was excellent that includes the lead characters and the secondary characters! It is a must see even if you’ve never seen a Marvel movie before!!!

  2. roslyn hughes on said:

    All I have to say is this – It blows my mind that black men gravitate toward non-black women with fake eyebrows, lashes, breasts and buttocks etc. In their minds, this is the perfect woman but it’s all and illusion. In the midst of that, they would fiercely protect their sisters, cousins, moms and aunts from any type of suggestion that they weren’t 100 percent but any other black woman is triflin. How did we get here? Who is drinkin that kool-aid? It ain’t the women…… Of course people can hook up with whoever they choose but cmon now, don’t hate on your own at the expense of somethin that ain’t even real.

  3. brion johnson on said:

    I’ll speak from experience,and observation….No Black Man Should give a white woman the time of day short of doing what’s needed to get through the work day,cut and dry. I say that from experience.My observation is as thus: Not one sister here has said anything about The Williams sisters and their Caucasian proclivities, not one word about Eve, Little Kim…. nothing.Dont ride on the pet negros and then skip the bed wenches.You lose credibility in your argument.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Hold up! I’ve spoken about Serena self hating selling out on several occasions, as you can see she’ on the cover of Vouge brandishing that white man’s baby, her consolation prize for selling out. Her and Venus are white men bed wenches, sleeping with white men who wouldn’t give them the time of day if they weren’t famous. And anyone can clearly look at Lil Kim and see that she’s mentally-ill full of self hate she actually looks worse with light skin and a butchered nose. When I speak on selling out that’s across the board for both black men and women. It’s a bad look wither way.

  4. Nikkinaturalista on said:

    All people but especially Black People need to see Black Panther. Yes it’s a Marvel Comic Character brought to the silver screen, that happens to show Black people in control of their own! Even if it is fiction, it’s nice to see a positive situation involving Black people. So please do not get distracted by who someone chooses to date,LOVE, or marry. Are the tickets available yet???

  5. Passing Through!! on said:

    @ PAT
    complaining because they want his money. Tommy Sotomayor be right on the money on what he says about a lot of sista’s.
    Tommy is a mentally-ill black women hater & g*d damn fool & you can’t be to bright if you listen to anything he says. You think the white girls aren’t after your black fool ass money & they aren’t taking you negros to the bank. But like most self loathing black men you can never see the white woman as your enemy but you can easily single out a sista as a gold digger. The majority of the white women wouldn’t have anything to do with your black asses if you weren’t cashing checks, but you’d rather give your wealth to a white bi**c you have to buy & pay to sleep with you & massage your broken black male ego than date a black woman. Then you read the comments in this thread and & say s**t like “thats why black me don’t date sista’s” It’s amazing how easy you can see the black women as your enemy while being the most hated, crimilized, despised, & hunted species on the planet.

  6. Justbeingme. on said:

    Let these blk men and blk women date or marry whom ever makes them happy. Some blk people dont seek out white or women or blk men maube thats just who they connected to at that time.sometimes you cant help who you fall in love with. Now the blk men and women who only choose to date white men or women because of self hate or not educating themselves about there blk culture and history. Those are the blks with the issues. But no one knows this man. He actually said in a interveiw that he loves all women.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      He actually said in a interveiw that he loves all women
      That’s what they all say, but he’s never seen with a black woman. When they say ALL women that’s just a blanket statement to say I date outside of my race without specifically saying I prefer non-black women.

    • Justbeingme. on said:

      Some people dont relize that this is not a movie about the black panthers. This is a marvel movie. And him dating a women of a different race had nothing to do with ability as an actor. Blk men and blk women have been dating out there race for along time. Its ok to want to only date with in your race. But you cant help who you comes into your life at that moment and you just have that connection with or you vibe with you suppose to say know your going to wait for that blk man or blk may not like it but there is nothing you can do about and you know why because the blk race do not stick together.

  7. Get the heck over it. A lot of you sista’s are bitter and mad for no reason. He chose who he chose and there is NOTHING that you can do about it. The way a lot of sista’s act these days I don’t blame him 1 bit.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Oh, there is something that can be done about it. Imagine if all of the black women who overwhelmingly support black male artist and actors decided to stay home and keep their money in their pocket. Just like the voting booths black woman are a driving force determining who gets put in office so don’t ever under estimate black women power because it’s very dangerous in harmonized numbers as you’ve witnessed in the Alabama and Virginia elections. A well-organized boycott could destroy a lot of careers.

      • Nikkinaturalista on said:

        No need to state the obvious…Black women we know our WORTH. Do Not be distracted, BLACK people need to see Black Panther! When are the tickets going on sale???!!!!!

      • Nikkinaturalista on said:

        No need to state the obvious…Black women we know our WORTH. Do Not be distracted, BLACK people need to see Black Panther! When are the tickets going on sale???!!!!!

      • They did NOT play a role in the VA elections. Not all black women complain about someone being happy with another race. It’s no ones business who he is with. The ones that are complaining wouldn’t say jack about him being with her if he worked at a fast food restaurant. They only complaining because they want his money. Tommy Sotomayor be right on the money on what he says about a lot of sista’s. LMAO

    • Nikkinaturalista on said:

      People are free to Love whomever they choose. Black men choosing to love, marry, or date outside of their race does not need to be justified by bashing Black women. All people, but especially Black people need to see “Black Panther” are the tickets on sale yet?!

      • We don’t have to go see that movie get a book read up
        On all your history that was long before the black panther era. We don’t have to spend our money to support people we don’t want to. It is still a free country right now.

      • justbeingme on said:

        Once again some people think that this movie is about the history of the blk panthers the activist. This is a marvel movie made from the comics. And to not see the movie because he is seeimg a woman of another race is stupid. Dont see it because its not the type of movie you like. I can see if the man said something to downgrade blk women. Him choosing to date women of another race is not going to stop him from get any roles as and actor so people need to leave that alone amd focus on more important things in this world.

  8. leadjustone on said:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t he the guy who sent out the offensive Christmas card last year (actually 2016), that had all of his black friends coupled up with white or non-black women; and his brown skinned, female cousin off to the side by herself? When people called him out for this, he couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. Just thought it was hilarious. So his current choice is no surprise. Passing Through is right. It is what it is.

  9. Passing Through!! on said:

    You fall in love with whomever you want to regardless of race
    That’s complete Bulls**t! Non-black women are a standard for black athletes and entertainers these black men don’t FIND these women by FATE they CHOOSE them by CHOICE” these so-called trophy girlfriends/wives women they have to pay to touch. It’s sad that the black men who have the highest platform and loudest voice chose to elevate white women no black unity with their own woman. Michael B. Jordan has never been spotted with a sista. And my self-worth isn’t attached to or diminished by any black man or a man period for that matter, that’s for all of the black women on social media spazzing out because they’re realizing that this black man they lust over, give their money to and follow on twitter has a Hollywood standard when it comes to who he dates and it’s not brown black women who look like them.

  10. Kimberly Sudberry on said: you guys are being very racist and small-minded. I wonder how many of the BAW staff date or are married to someone outside their race? Messy messy messy.

  11. Passing Through!! on said:

    And let’s see how many black women flock to the movie theaters and make his movie #1 at the box office. Don’t blame him blame the stupid black women who keep supporting the careers of these sell out negro who won’t date you.

    • IanRousseault on said:

      Do not be dumb as hell. This Man can date whomever he chooses. No black Man or black Woman is suppose to choice a black mate exclusively. You fall in love with whomever you want to regardless of race!

    • Nikkinaturalista on said:

      When Black men choose to Love someone outside of their race, it does NOT diminish The WORTH/VALUE of Black women! Sistah’s take the high road and keep moving forward in the right direction.

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