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When you think about 2017, there were a lot of big entertainment stories. There was the implosion of the careers of Russell Simmons and Tavis Smiley due to sexual misconduct allegations. There was Beyonce’s babies, Jay-Z’s album and tour and the engagement of a sitting British royal to a divorced, biracial actress commoner named Meghan Markle. But what did BAW readers care about the most this year? Not any of those celebrities.

They cared about RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield and her dream house, Chateau Sheree. Yes, Sheree and her dream house was the top story on this year. You also seem to be quite fascinated by nude celebrities as Celebs Who’ve Posed Nude was our top photo gallery. Hey, we’re a family site! Here is a list of the stories you read most in 2017.

Sheree Whitfield’s Dream House

Was it finished? Did she have to sell it? What was really going on with Chateau Sheree? That’s what you wanted to know. Mind you, this was of more interest to people than the fact that Sheree was dating an incarcerated man. 

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