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Sheree Whitfield of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is reportedly neck-deep in debt over trying to maintain “Chateau Sheree.”

According to Straight From The A, contractors want her to sell the property so that they can finally be paid. Also, Whitfield has reportedly been trying to get her certificate of occupancy, but the home still can’t pass inspections.

The house is not only unlivable, notes the website, but some of one of the unpaid contractors have attempted to garnish her wages. Since the home is not under her name, however, they “haven’t been able to find bank accounts to garnish,” said Emory Potter, the attorney for Master Craft Stucco, who spoke to Rodney Ho of The AJC about the company’s attempt to garnish Whitfield’s wages.

Master Craft Stucco won a judgment against Sheree’s shell corporation and was reportedly awarded $26,586.41, plus $1,981.50 in interest and court costs, but has yet to be paid.

Other alleged expenses Sheree owes includes $10,012.50 to Heritage Landscape Group of Flowery Branch for landscaping work that was performed to help her pass inspection for the certificate of occupancy.

Another contractor sued her in 2015 over $15,450 and asked for $23,000 after late fees and other charges. She also reportedly owes the IRS over multiple tax liens going back to 2009.

The liens on the home are said to total about $348,404.48.

PHOTO: Bravo

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65 thoughts on “Report: Sheree Whitfield Has To Sell Chateau Sheree To Settle Debts

  1. U know u can’t afford that house y u doing your mother like that jacking up her credit..and that jailbird is setting u up for an address grl don’t u know hail talk is just that wake up sell the house pay your depth take left over money and get s cute house cause u will not even afford the lights with no job nevermind the other stuff unless u ask oprah or Tyler for a loan

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Have you ever wanted to live on a tropical island and let it all hang out? Have you ever seen yourself walking nude on the beach eating tropical fruit? If you have maybe Hawaii is the place for you. It is so far away you will never see Bob again.

  3. Shereé is living in a dream world. She’s not rich, she’ll never be a real celebrity and she’ll never have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. She can’t manage money worth a damn! She’s fake too. Shereé was digging Nene and Greg about their mugshots. Um hello Shereé…..,you were arrested in Ohio for shoplifting at Saks 5th Avenue! Yeah, that was years ago, but you’re not innocent, as far as not having a mug shot if your own.

  4. girl it is ok to fall get back up and keep lt moving .Haters come and go but you have to live what you can afford budget girl and file bk if you have too the president did it so can you save yourself .Dont worry it is going to be fine .Do something different pray about it and let god work it for your

  5. Kimberly Powell on said:

    If this is true . Sheree you have had the best of the best , and from the outside looking in we all saw that you couldn’t afford this house to begin with. You to busy trying to prove yourself to who ……… ? Take this headache and tress as a good loss . Sheree have a piece of mind be happy. Let that headache go. Eliminate the embarrassment , the negative people and media is waiting on this to happen. Get you a house that you can afford it’s ok , it’s materialistic ,that doesn’t come close to a PEACE OF MIND ! Let the material things go. Have a peaceful and happy life , the banks can’t take that way . I pray for your strength peace of mind and prosperity. Sheree God is always first , put Him back where He Belongs . Truthful to yourself first everything else will fall into place . Have Faith and Believe . God Bless you and your family .

    • Kathy on said:

      Sheree the was the most wholesome advise that I’ve read. It’s hard losing everything; but those things can be replaced. You are as beautiful lady and strong. Forget the haters; heck take as page from the white folks-but as tiny house and live your best life.

  6. Bet she had that house built knowing she could pay all off n have money after it’s built and decorated so then she could sell it for its value and take that money to then claim riches after….

  7. ESTHER MINELLI on said:

    Maybe what happened to Sheree was that in the early years of marriage to that ugly, nasty crossed eye nasty man who told her he would never ever pay child support because he did not feel he had to. What a piece of shit, with two kids. Anyway in the beginning maybe there was money than more money from his playing football and since she is a show off of the worse kind, a hypocrite, wanna be rich, she became accustomed to buying whatever she wanted and he was probably in heaven because a pretty girl looked at him or his money whichever. Now when he left her and the kids practically homeless that broke something in her. She became greedy and mentally ill having grandeur ideas which are a symptom of bipolar. She will never let anyone know she is broke, one way or another she will beg Bravo for a job again and that she’s willing to do anything even set one of the girls up. My god, there ain’t enough money in this world to marry that man. he looks like king kong’s brother and nasty yuck, imagine him naked OMG, I would run, fast.

  8. Calvin parker on said:

    Instead of trying to tear her down, we should be giving her our blessing for what she is trying to do. Let’s be more up beat with her efforts. She will finish the house and will live in it just like Oprah. More power to you baby girl.

  9. Calvin parker on said:

    If she is paying as she build, the house will be paid for when it is finished. That is why it is taking so long to complete.

    • ESTHER MINELLI on said:

      No way will she ever live in that house because after throwing all that money in it showing off and making stupid remarks at Kenya’s house, she still won’t have it. And will not ever live in it. She should have spent all that money she spent or borrowed on a nice house she could afford with a little guest house for her kids. But she couldn’t her envy and narcissism would not allow her something smaller than the rest of the other narcissus. She thought she was going to be getting that Bravo checks long enough for her dream house. I feel for her because I know it isn’t normal to live above your means that way, everyone does sometimes but this is something different. It’s a symptom of bipolar I know that. Nearly 70% of the population is some form of bipolar so it’s no big deal if yours needs a little help that does not have to be long-term and if it turns out you gotta? So what so you take a pill every day to make you feel and function better and fuck what anyone says and it’s no one’s business what meds you take

  10. Mia.P on said:

    Stop trying to be something your not Sheree and tell me this your son is in college and your daugter look like she will be leaving in a couple of years and you get that big ass house why why. One thing about Kenya and Kandi they can afford their homes so stop trying to keep up with them and get you something you can afford.

  11. danita ford on said:

    wow I thought Sheree knew better to get in debt like that trying to keep up with the Jones will kill you . wow kenya was right just sad girl get you a house that you can afford and get your taxes together before you go to jail.I hop things work out for her.

    • I just pray that black folk would stop going against the Bible telling people to stop “trying to be what they are not.” The Bible says let the poor say I am rich!” Romans 4:17 says, God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.” Pray for one another instead of pulling each other down with your jealous words.

  12. Patcee on said:

    Sheree is a fraud. It’s pathetic to hear her brag about her “Chateau” and how she did it all by herself. Really Sheree? I think not. If you hadn’t been married to a professional football player, you’d just be another uneducated broke has been. You girl are delusional! Maybe Kenya is a nasty b–ch, but you are no better. Women should support each other despite their differences.

  13. Good!!!!
    Sherri is one phony b–ch!!!!!
    Let her go back to the hood where she belongs!!!!!!!

    The Chateau life was not meant for her!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sheree get it together. I was rooting for you. People need to stop living above their means. The fakery will always come out. I guess Kenya is sitting back laughing….smh

  15. Her spending habits are what caused Bob Whitfield too leave her. She should bought a foreclosure like Kenya and Kandi and she’d have a home and kept the furniture she had in the condo.

  16. Sheree’s story on this show might be what is needed to show other women like her to live within their means. Stop the hypocrisy. Set an example for the younger women.

  17. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    This show has no substance at all, its sad that they have this type of platform and do nothing for the inner city community of Atlanta. No woman should be watching this crap it portrays African American women in a bad way, and to the world this is all they see and prejudge. They have an opportunity to bring awareness to homelessness in the city, poverty, education, and hunger, crime and domestic abuse. But again we would rather be entertained and keep up with this crap that in no way is positive. But Im sure everyone will tune in when this is revealed on the show. Housewives? How many are even married. Ignorance at its best. Housewives reach out to the communities to make them better and try be a positive influence for other young women growing up!

  18. Mia.P on said:

    If it took me 4 years to get a home and I have to have it in my mother name it’s not 4 me and her daughter is 16 her son 20 and in college so she don’t need that big house and now she will have to sale it and now everyone is going to clown her. And I have never seen a house warming party like that and where is she getting all that money from.

    • Tom Ford on said:

      Mia, are you american? im just wondering how your english can be so bad? Even people from non english speaking countries write better english than you

    • Dee Gray on said:

      TeaLea, You are so RIGHT! She could not afford the show. There is nothing wrong with living in a much smaller, but beautiful home. She should get what she could afford & stop trying to keep up with the Jones’. She wouldn’t have all these issues if she thought along those lines. I wanted her to prosper also.

  19. Creamy755 on said:

    Sheree is always fronting! Talking the most trash when her life is always on the brink of falling apart. She’s mean spirited, and always looking to put others on blast. I don’t feel sorry for her at all. Maybe she will take the time to really get her life in order. Hateful, mean woman.

  20. Steph on said:

    Sheree should be ashamed! Iyanla told her to get rid of the property a long time ago. Instead Sheree got mad and stormed off the show instead of taking good advice from someone who had her best interest at heart. And why do you need that huge house anyway when its really only you living there. Just trying to keep up appearances. Set an example for your kids and live within your means. Heck everyone knew you were broke its not like you were the top earner on the show. Humble yourself by getting a job and work your way back. You will be back on top in no time. From what Ive seen all these ladies have some deep rooted psychological issues and need to seek help about that instead of tryna be part of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

  21. It still is a mystery to me that anyone still watches this mess! There is no substance and makes us all look foolish! Still find it amazing these talentless women got rich off of making fools out of themselves! The Lord is coming! No morals, no integrity!

    • KicksandGiggles on said:

      Respectfully, we all have a opinion, choice and preference to watch what we want. Lets not knock somebody else’s choice. Also, some such as Kandi have lucrative careers which made them rich before the show.

      • And now Kandi is on there talking about her personal sex life!! Yes we all have a choice to watch what we want! No need to respond! It’s all a matter of personal taste and viewpoints! Hood rats and those that defend are the norm now!

  22. Sharon Connor on said:

    I wish the best for Sherrie, for the producers need to get Kenya Moore off the air, she has no compassion for anyone but herself.

  23. NE Ne on said:

    I like Kenya she speaks her mind not a back stabber like Sheree. Sheree, loves to talk about Kenya I live her home,but she’s in it. Don’t like Sheree ,she’s messy ,talks to much when she need to keep her nose in her own business. Sweep around your own front door, before you try sweep around someone else’s. I guess that’s why she’s pushing her son to model,to pay her debts really. Let him have his life enjoy his job. Bye Sheree Bye

    • Chastity on said:

      I would have to disagree about Kenya not being a back stabber. Remember, she was flirting and texting Apollo when she was suppose to have been friends with Phaedra.

  24. Sheree STOP !!! Sell that house .Stop perpetrating yourself to the POOR house !!! Get a condo and live in PEACE.!!! Your kids did not want that huge house you did!! You are embarrassing them !! STOP !!!!#

  25. Chastity on said:

    I do not feel sorry for her. She knew her butt could not afford that house. She is too worried about her image and keeping up with everyone. Now she has gotten herself in a bind. She took a dig at Kenya’s house and “IKEA” decor every chance she got. Lord knows I cannot stand Kenya but at least she was able to move in and had furniture. There was a time when Sheree and her kids were taped sleeping on air mattresses so talking about Kenya getting her stuff from IKEA should have been the last thing on her mind. Kenya called Sheree out about the house not being in Sheree’s name but Sheree denied it. Well, apparently it is true. I wonder where does Sheree actually live because they never tape herat her residence. They only show her at “Chateau She-ain’t” (I know “ain’t” is not a word) or when she is out. Sheree needs to come down off of her high-horse and stop putting on heirs. If she cannot afford it, leave it alone and live within her means. She wants to claim she was building that house for her kids. They are grown!!! She knows she was building that house for herself and to make people think she was “balling”. Girl, please!!!!

  26. levonne blackwell on said:

    i feel bad for her, however; does anyone notice how she always seems to be telling everybody’s business but her own. I wonder what she has to tell now. this has been a problem with her since day one of the show. let it go and keep your dignity, it happens to the best of them.

  27. Kimmi on said:

    As far as Sheree house, she should sell it pay off everyone and start a new… Her kids are grown, and she doesn’t need this BIG house, for what? She is now making money from the show, so why don’t she just get a condo and stop living beyond her means, hummm.
    Also, she should just woman up put her pride aside and sell, sell, sell this empty house…

  28. Lilbit on said:

    Iyanla Vanzant actually told her to sell that home years ago on her show but Sheree didn’t want to hear that. Not saying that Iyanla has all the answers but she could see then that Sheree was way over her head with this house.

  29. Cynthia Riddle on said:

    That’s too bad. I like Sheree, but it appears she spoke too soon when she criticized Kenya’s home (that was clearly still not finished when she had her house warming). But, you don’t hear anything about Kenya being sued by her contractors nor that she can’t occupy her home, because it’s deemed unlivable. Sheree, Sheree, Sheree. We see where your priorities are…a BIG house to show off, that you can’t pay for, is NOT worth the headaches you have to deal with now! Let it go! Get you an apartment and live comfortably!

  30. peaches on said:

    she was living beyond her means anyway. she was trying to keep up with nene. what happen to the clothing line and he movie deals. she followed the wrong coat tail remember kim zolciak. and what happen to the money she got from her ex husband.

  31. Shirley on said:

    Living beyond her means trying to keep up with her “friends”. Better get a job. Or two.
    Chateau Sheree is about to become Chateau Forclosed.

  32. Miss E on said:

    I am sorry to hear about this story. From what I’ve seen on the show, it looked to be a very nice house. I like both hers and Kenya but for different reasons. Oh goodness, Kenya will have a field day on this. I wonder did she know this in time to bring up at the reunion.

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