Black Moms Matter: Basic Home Training For The Kids


12/28/17- How do you make sure that your kids have basic home training? Both Kym and Sherri collectively agreed to snatch their kids up! Whether it’s gritting the teeth or threatening to slap the Black off them, you discipline your kids in love, right?

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2 thoughts on “Black Moms Matter: Basic Home Training For The Kids

  1. From what I see of today’s kids-most of them are NOT receiving any damn home training!!!!!
    Kids today are very RUDE and often obnoxious -in particular when they are riding
    on public transportation.

    These kids cuss worse than most adults. You cannot chastise them or they will turn around and

    Obviously, these brats have no good role models to emulate at home.
    So sad that parents DO NOT TAKE THE TIME to teach their kids the basics-MANNERS.

    You can’t BLAME the children-IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT.
    None of US GET TO CHOOSE OUR PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!


    ”How blessed you are” !!! How do you bless yourself by watching over the ruthless things that are happening around where you are saved — It’s not just about praying, but treating others fairly in future to feel more comfortable without exclusion even those who look unloved, may perhaps be well proved! It can take time to grasp, but with a humble heart, it is just compassion for you to truly feel spared because happiness is likely to be uncovered as it is always everywhere through anyone; In reality, the rudimentary Sin is to insult someone else intentionally to satisfy personal moods, smugness or parameters. In the meantime, no society can go forward without challenge ! It is as with faith: ‘’Above and beyond what did you do in the name of the Holy-Creator to be sure that He is at your side?” Hum! In all consequence, try to work impartially to diverge any subterfuge, do not wait for a tragedy or state of emergency just to act as a human being to consider and shelter or hug the disinherited… Let the tears flow through an Ave-Maria or Amazing-Grace to praise the Messiah by treating others as well as possible, to feel good about yourself with the boundary or to serve humanity as the master has chosen us to fulfill his works.  Happy Holidays & Happy New Year 2018 Wholly to all readers who appreciate the untitled !!!     Versaint 

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