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Some comedians held odd jobs or had different careers before falling into comedy. However, what comedian do you know has a master’s degree in Political Science? The jokes definitely have to be pouring out of them at that point. Well, that would be Robert Powell.

Skip asked if he could have worked on the Trump campaign and even in his administration but Powell met it with a hard no.

“No, goodness no no no no, Trump doesn’t need me he does enough hope selling on his own. Donald Trump came to Texas and said we going to get rid of all the Mexicans,” explained Powell. “Do you know what kind of hope you got to have to believe in all that? That’s like Easter bunny type hope.”

He continued, “They couldn’t catch El Chapo and he escaped on tape. They weren’t even smart enough to go to the other end of the tunnel and wait for him to get out there like I just don’t know where he could have went.”

Catch Robert Powell at the Arlington Improv on December 22-23.

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