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Wendy Williams has been on a shade throwing rampage lately and doesn’t know when to stop.

She took her shade throwing over to Destiny’s Child on her show where she called the Beyoncé’s career great and labeled Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland’s careers “Gr,” the beginning letters of great.

She mentioned that Beyoncé has basically thrown them bones for their, “flat careers.”


Well, Mathew Knowles wasn’t having any of that, because he provided a classy clap back. If the suit doesn’t scream classy, then take a look at what’s behind Knowles.

A wall with all kinds of awards which is not hard to notice. Besides all that, he called Williams out saying, “Wendy Williams. You spend your day being negative. I prefer to spend my day being positive, helping my community.” He added, “Maybe you don’t know, that Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé were ranked in the Top 10 artist of the decade.”

Knowles continued to put Williams in her place listing off facts about the group and the individual’s accomplishments. Now if Williams still doesn’t get it, then the mess is all on her.


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Beyonce & Destiny’s Child Light Up Super Bowl XLVII
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15 thoughts on “Mathew Knowles Provides A Classy Clap Back To Wendy Williams

  1. KicksandGiggles4Real on said:

    Look, stirring it up is how Wendy W makes and keeps her coin. Period. Its not personal. Its coin. Its ratings. Its her job. And no, she does not have a responsibility to the black community. The fact is, those of you who slam her, are the same ones who buy vulgar music demeaning to the black community especially females. Some of you happily demonstrate stereotypes, raise little un-affordable demons and refuse to participate in the running of this country. So pull the righteous stick. She is doing her thing. Do yours. Be your own role model in your own community.

    • Darlene on said:

      Hey u! WOW! U NAILED IT! And, the thing is, EVERYONE KNOWS its her JOB! Whenever someone REACTS to her JOB, the BIGGER the FISH…the BIGGER the FEATHER in HER CAP! What I TRULY hooe is that since ALL KNO, then ALL PLAY THE GAME, GIT PAID, & PARTY & GIVE THANKS TOGETHER!

  2. Gloria C on said:

    I despise this woMAN! Too negative, always putting down the Black race and just all around messy! It’s time 4 this useless show to go!

  3. Cheryl Britt on said:

    I quit watching her when she said the “n” word. Why would you do that? That’s so offensive! You’re supposed to build people up, not tear them down (unless they said that in the story you’re repeating). Yes Beyonce is the breakout star but the other girls did great also. Accept it and move on!!

  4. Chastity on said:

    This manly looking heifer always has something negative to say about someone but her own life is in shambles. She needs to stop worrying about other people and focus on her husband and his side piece. Considering her husband spends the majority of his time with the other woman, I guess Wendy is more like the side piece.

  5. People with unhappy lives loves to do what Wendy does. Think about it. What is a person who makes a living off of gossip and drama in others lives? A miserable person. That is most people who work for tabloids or tabloid site live the worst lives with the most problems than the people they talk about. Misery love company

    • “What is a person who makes a living off of gossip and drama in other’s lives?” A rich person. If there wasn’t an audience for this kind of nonsense, she wouldn’t be as wildly successful as she is. I couldn’t even watch a full episode when it first aired. But every time I see clips of this trash, the audience is always full of adoring fans. What do you call a person who is entertained by someone who makes a living off of gossip and dramas in other’s lives?

  6. specialt757 on said:

    I wonder why Wendy is like that. Could it stem from her having low self-esteem? She must have been called ugly a lot as a kid.

  7. Wendy can be a real HATER sometimes.
    So glad, I DON’T watch her program on television.

    If you can’t say something positive, maybe you should KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!!!!

      • specialt757 on said:

        kates that the same thing my husband said, monster-mash has been doing this for years on the radio, she became mega rich from this and it’s because she has an audience who wants to hear it. She’s just giving the people what they want, what is that saying about their lives.

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