Mathew Knowles knows he’s got an image/credibility problem … not only with the public, but reportedly with his own daughters!

Well, now Knowles is attempting to clear up rumors about his relationship with Beyoncé and Solange. In a recent interview with Houston newsman Jonathan Martin, Knowles talks candidly about his interaction with his famous offspring.

The interview comes just a week after we and other outlets reported that sources were saying that Beyoncè does not want Matthew in the hospital when she gives birth to twins.

Mathew Knowles also spoke candidly about how often he speaks with his famous daughters, reports he’s been banned from Beyoncé’s delivery room, and even a new Destiny’s Child stage play with Idris Elba starring as Mathew himself.

Keep in mind that the working relationship between Beyoncé and her father ended in 2011, the 65-year-old is still hustlin’.

His label Music World Entertainment just celebrated 25 years in business, he manages Blush, a Houston-based girl group, and he’s in his ninth year as a professor at Texas Southern University.

Knowles also released a book, The DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits Of Highly Successful People in 2016.

So, it would seem there’s really no one better suited to tell the story of the international best-selling girl-group other than the man who created them, right?

Check out the interview below:

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