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Looks like Jamie Foxx made his way back to the comedy stage.

TMZ reports that Foxx got on stage at the HaHa Comedy Club in North Hollywood Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

On stage, he tried out a 10-minute comedy set about his junk that to no surprise had the crowd laughing hard! Apparently, he was testing out some new material for an upcoming comedy tour.

However, he didn’t even plan on performing that night because he was only there to support some friends from Speedy N Friends comedy series on Roll Out Live.

He was feeling some type of way and decided to get on stage. His last comedy special was in 2003 right before he started transitioning into acting and producing music.


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Jamie Foxx Through The Years
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(Source: TMZ)

(Photo Credit: PR Photos)

4 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Is Back On Stage Doing Stand-up

  1. Ernestine Morrison on said:

    I agree with Passing Through. I
    used to love him but it’s all
    over now. He has a Madonna/
    Whore. White women are the Madonna
    and Black women that he refers
    to as sisters aren’t good enough
    to continue the race.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    Another black woman hater, only sleeps with date, and makes babies with white/ish women. Jamie can kick rocks. I don’t buy is music or watch his movies.

    • That’s what we should do to these ignorant black men black women are the ones that support them when they get. Their money we just sistas.

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