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Sexual assault has been a theme for the end of the year so far as many celebrities and politicians have been accused, charged or admitted to committing sexual assault.

Of them, Rep. John Conyers has stepped down from his position as a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee under sexual assault age discrimination allegations from a former employee. His attorney Arnold Reed talks with Roland Martin about Conyers status.

“Well obviously Roland, he’s very concerned,” explained Reed. “Quite frankly again Mr.Conyers denied these allegations. He has indicated the sexual harassment in any form Roland should not be tolerated so we will convene this afternoon and discuss where we go from here.”

Sen. Al Franken was accused of sexual assault and continues to work without the consideration of stepping down. There have been multiple people that have called for Conyers to step down. It raises the question if this could possibly be a race issue.

“You have to consider that element. When you know the history of Congress, there have been 5 people in the history of Congress that have been expelled,” explained Reed. “Three during the Confederacy, two that were convicted. Convicted. Not allegations but convicted of bribery and theft. If that were to happen not suggesting that it would…that would be something that would be unheard of.”

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Celebs Who Have Been Accused of Sexual Assault
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