Huggy Lowdown: Eli Don’t Cry, Dry Your Eyes!


11/29/17- NY Giants’ fans are angry that Eli Manning wasn’t starting in last nights football game. He even looked emotional on the field when he wasn’t playing first, but Huggy thinks he ought to be thankful for still having a job!

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2 thoughts on “Huggy Lowdown: Eli Don’t Cry, Dry Your Eyes!

  1. Huggy Lowdown knows as much about football as Stephen A. Smith knows quantum physics. THE GIANTS DIDN’T EVEN PLAY LAST NIGHT! Smith’s take on the way the Giants treated their 2-time Super Bowl winning QB was quite uncomplimentary and yes he was just as uncomplimentary about their refusal to sign Colin Kaepernick but so were the other NFL teams so what? Is BAW’s gossip geek satisfied that Geno Smith will be starting this Sunday against Oakland? He’s a Jet reject,and the Jets are my team!

  2. Boo hoo hoo-Poor Eli Manning looked like he was about to burst out in tears after
    being kicked to the curb due to his PISS POOR PERFORMANCE AS QB.

    Nice to see that boy benched!

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