CHICAGO (AP) — The Rev. Jesse Jackson says he’s been seeking outpatient care for two years for Parkinson’s disease and plans to “dedicate” himself to physical therapy.

In a Friday letter to supporters, the 76-year-old says family and friends noticed a change in him about three years ago and he could no longer ignore symptoms.

He says the diagnosis isn’t a sign to stop working but a “signal” to make “lifestyle changes” to slow progression of the chronic neurological disorder that causes movement difficulties.

The civil rights icon also released a Northwestern Medicine letter saying he was diagnosed in 2015 and has sought outpatient care.

Jackson runs the Chicago-based Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. He’s remained a strong voice in anti-discrimination efforts, including advocating for affordable housing and been a fixture at protests nationwide.

Jackson declined further comment Friday.

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15 thoughts on “Rev. Jesse Jackson Discloses Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis

  1. Edmund Criss on said:

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  2. This racist pos should be ashamed of himself. He specifically said he spits in white peoples food and has terrorized white people for his entire life with his racist, anti-white shakedown tactics. Karma is a b-tch!

  3. this black devil is bad, but he is nothing compared to the most racist beast on the planet. Big Bad Al Sharpton. Big bad al’s daughter recently attacked a cab driver, though this time the domestic terrorist can’t play the race card because the cab driver is black. The obese sheboon also tripped and tried to shake down the city for 5 million. With libtard Pigblasio in charge anything is possible! It’s true Martin Luther PIG jR was neither a dr or reverend. He was a communist pig who routintely picked up white prostitutes. 100 percent true. Yes it s true specialt757 is morbidly obese and can’t count her stretch marks

  4. Marlene M Martin on said:

    I have it too. the Dr told me the older you are when you get it the easier it will be on you. Best pf lock to you Rev Jackson,May god bless you.

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