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There are people all over that are doing their part to help those who can’t help themselves with the talent and skills they’ve been given. Brennon Jones is one of those people using his skills as a barber to help the homeless around Philadelphia.

“I retired from barbering after about 11 years and moved my family to Philadelphia,” explained Jones. One day he saw a homeless man on the street and gave him some money and a banana. “I kind of started beating myself up a little bit because I knew he needed more than the two dollars and the banana I gave him.”


That’s when Haircut4Homeless was born. He started driving around Philadelphia looking for homeless men. “Any guy I’d see sitting on the corner or holding a sign I’d get out and cut his hair.”

Through doing this, Jones has made an amazing connection with the men he meets. “The guys man, I built like a family out there, They are so appreciative,” he expressed. “But they are blessing me. I’ve been through some things and they motivate me to keep going.”

If you’re in the area or want to stop by and visit Jones go to 5925 Old York Road Philadelphia, PA.

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