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“Haircuts 4 Homeless’” was created by 29-year-old Brennon Jones in January 2017 to help homeless men on the street.

Jones travels around Philadelphia giving haircuts to men according to the NY Daily News. Well, Jones has received a gift of a lifetime.

He now has a space he can call his own to give haircuts out to the homeless.

“My first haircut, his name is Braden. I cut his hair no 15th & Walnut (Streets). A few days later, I went to check up on him and he wasn’t there. I was hoping nothing bad happened to him. When we did catch up weeks later, he got offered a full-time job,” Jones explained to CBS News.

Ever since that haircut, Jones has provided over 1,000 free haircuts to men all over Philadelphia. Inspired by his compassion and help to the community fellow barber Shawn Johnson felt compelled to do something.

Owner of Taper’s Barbershop, Johnson bought a second location in the city as a future spot for extending his own business. He decided to donate that space to Jones so that he can continue doing his good work.

Jones was surprised on a visit to Johnson’s shop when the keys were handed to him. Johnson had asked if he liked the space and then gave him the keys.

“It wasn’t about me giving a barbershop,” Johnson explained. “When you look at the homeless and the things that they need, I looked at it as more. I built something and I want to see it keep going and I want to see it do a great thing.”

Jones will open to the public at the end of the month and will dedicate Monday’s to cutting hair for the homeless.

Jones explained that, “It’s a safe haven for me to touch and bless those lives that often we forget about.”

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(Sources: FOX29NY Daily News, & CBS News)

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15 thoughts on “Barber Gifted With New Space To Cut Hair For The Homeless

  1. dgreyeyes on said:

    I want to see more and more positive from BAW for blacks. This is really wonderful. I pray many blessings for Brennon Jones and Shawn Johnson!!! Two awesome black men.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Thanks, I sure forgot to give Mr. Johnson his praise. Kudos to Mr. Johnson for his generosity, they both are paying it forward, helping those in need. I love to see this, I wish this is all there was to our community, GREAT THINGS, but unfortunately…

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Mac Ben? Is this the kind of blackamericaweb stuff we should be “worried” about?
    Funny, I never read any positive comments from you on stories like this. Guess all you’re worried about is bashing black women and men, what a waste.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Girl that is my movie, I can watch that a million times and cry every time hahaha. I think I know every line. lol

    • Special, don’t forget about jhump always regurgitating Chicago, and pulling the many video clips out his @ss to try and prove his non-existent point.

    • Guest1 on November 8, 2017 at 12:21 pm said:
      Special, don’t forget about jhump always regurgitating Chicago, and pulling the many video clips out his @ss to try and prove his non-existent point.

      • specialt757 on said:

        As usual Guest1, cricket sounds coming from both of those trolls. if they can’t say anything bad/negative about someone black, we never hear from them. Sounds like self-hate to me.

  3. This is the true reflection of our community, not what others have to say about us and when the opportunity arises, this is what we do. Let it spread……………

  4. Kudo’s to Mr. Johnson!!!!!

    What a wonderful thing to do for this young man who was struggling to do his own thing by giving
    haircuts to the homeless.

    I wish Brennon Jones all the luck in the world!!!!!!!!!!

    Like Sly and the Family Stone said back in the day, “You Can Make It, If You Try.”!!!!!!!!!!!!

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