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African-Americans are strong, resilient and creative people, so it’s no surprise when they’re able to create innovative technology to better the community.

Tavonia Evans has succeeded in launching the first ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for $Guap, a coin dedicated to restoring and recycling wealth within the Black community, according to Black News.

With this coin, Evans has broken into the world of cryptocurrency to help African American consumers to support businesses that support them.

Black News reports:

$Guap is a ERC20 token built on Ethereum Blockchain Technology, which utilizes Smart Contracts to perform various tasks such as issuing “rewards” which is in the plan for $Guap. With $Guap, every token spent will be distributed throughout a system that will fund new businesses, HBCUs, and philanthropic efforts that adopt the coin. Merchants a part of the “$Guap Market”, pledge to pass on savings while benefiting from gaining access to loyal customers. Consumers will also be able to rate businesses and suggest methods for improvement anonymously to merchants to help maintain quality of service all through a proprietary portal.

Having worked in the technology industry for 20 years, Evans determination for this currency comes from a hurdle that the African-American community has not been able to get over in their ability to support, ”startup growth and initiative.”

She believes it’s a direct correlation to African-Americans relationship with Black economics and believes cryptocurrency can change a lot of things.

If you’d like to get into $Guap or find out even more about it, head over to and show some love for this awesome Black business.

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(Source: Black News)

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5 thoughts on “Black Entrepreneur Launches Cryptocurrency To Better Black Communities

    • Theo Paine on said:

      That may be true, but Chris owns a platform, not a cryptocurrency coin/token. To my knowledge Tavonia is the 1st African American to launch her own ICO (crypto coin).

  1. ANThony on said:

    Great idea! I love the community activism that’s associated with the currency. I wish $GUAP much success and am taking steps to support the movement with the pre-sale and spreading the word.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    Here’s where all the racist and black hating coons come in make negative comments about how this is a bad idea and it won’t work, why it won’t work and we should be focusing on black on black crime. Because as black people we’re not allowed to have any other agenda except talk about bobc and how black kill each other.
    I applaud Tavonia for her entrepreneurship I wish her much success. Like I said, for every shooting in Chicago there are hundreds of stories out there like this that don’t make the news. Any story that feeds into black negativity of stereotypes will always make headline news.

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