Shaun King: Threatening & Shaming People In Order To Get Justice


A Black University of Hartford student was the victim of poisoning by her White roommate who tampered with her personal items. Shaun King enlightens us on the hate we face in this world and how to act going forward.

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5 thoughts on “Shaun King: Threatening & Shaming People In Order To Get Justice

  1. Shaun King is a fraud on said:

    Shaun King is a predomantly white guy who makes a living race baiting and off the oppression of real black people..

    • Gary Cooper on said:

      Don’t really care what color you think he is , you haven’t said anything about his deeds and that’s what you judge a man by. Why don’t you give me a list of your deeds since you have so much to say about a man that is a server. I bet you also think there is no racism in the world

  2. The white turd who harassed and deal Ugly disgusting things to her college roommate has been rightfully charged with a HATE CRIME.

    If she didn’t want to have a woman of color as her roomie, all she had to do was
    request a ROOM CHANGE. Not make this woman’s life a living hell.

    Hate Crimes are a Federal charge which means serious jail time IF she is CONVICTED.
    I hope she is CONVICTED and that her cellmates are some Sistah’s who will BEAT
    HER ASS EVERY damn day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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