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UPDATE: University Of Hartford freshman Brianna Brochu has been expelled and faces hate crime charges. Police are asking for the court to charge Brochu with “intimidation based on bigotry or bias” for harassing her ex-roommate Chennel Rowe.

A University of Hartford student was the victim of bullying and cruel treatment by her White roommate in her first semester of college.

From the beginning of the semester, freshman Chennel Rowe had a bad feeling about her roommate. “I kind of felt unwanted and she was giving off vibes,” explained Rowe to Fox 61 news.

On October 17, 2017, Rowe began moving out of their room and ran into her roommate. Her roommate asked if she was moving out and Rowe replied “yup”.

Soon after, Rowe was approached by her RA who notified her of multiple social media post made by her ex-roommate about trying to get her to leave.

“Rubbing bloody tampons on my things, so like she posted pictures of my Steve Madden bag that I had been sleeping next to the whole time on my bed with blood stains on it,” explains Rowe of the things her roommate would do.

Rowe’s ex-roommate even posted a video of herself tampering with a bottle of her coconut oil. “She got me out of the room after a month of spitting in my coconut oil, putting my toothbrush in places the sun doesn’t shine, putting mold clam dip in my lotion,” explained Rowe.

Rowe took action and reported the incidents to Public safety where West Hartford police became a part of the investigation. Soon after a police report was filed.

Rowe recalls the University telling her that there was a chance she may or may not hear back about the incident.

The following day on October 18, 2017, Rowe was asked to sign a “no contact agreement” which meant she would have no communication with her ex-roommate. The University threatened to remove Rowe from campus if she was found talking about the incident.

Angry about how her situation was handled, Rowe went to social media in a Facebook Live stream on Monday, October 30, 2017. Her story went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

The University of Hartford released a statement saying that the ex-roommate has been arrested and will be charged have a formal hearing with the University of Hartford on November 1.


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(Source: Fox 61)

72 thoughts on “College Roommate From Hell: Black Student Horrifically Treated By White Roommate

  1. keepin it TOO HONEST on said:

    Black women treat ALL WHITE WOMEN like GARBAGE, and LIE DEZ ASS OFF ON WHITE FOLKS. I wouldnt want that two faced black chick either.

  2. Say what on said:

    This woman POSTED her intent on facebook so there is no need to guess and debate that this was about having a black roommate. End of story.

    • Say what on said:

      It clearly was about her having a black room mate. Did this woman talk about and posted anything the black roommate did to her to make her do this mean stuff? No. And the cop arrest this girl. So save the nonsense about this maybe not a race issue. I agree everything is not about race but it is stupid to ignore it when it is clear that it is about race in this nasty way.

  3. Say what on said:

    She is a good one. Could not be me. As I always say, blacks are bold but they are SNEAKY and do things underhand while smiling in your face.

  4. leadjustone on said:

    Glad she went to social media and put this sorry university on blast. How dare they try to intimidate her into silence! I only hope she was able to do something vile and disgusting to this POS roommate before she moved out. Nothing like good old fashioned secret revenge!

  5. ALL crimes should be reported to law enforcement immediately. Don’t let college administrators cover up embarrassing and criminal deeds to protect their reputation from bad publicity. Look what happened at Penn State with Coach Sandusky, and to the Catholic Church with all those child molesters….they covered up these crimes way too long. So did Hollywood. If the police and prosecutors fail to take action, charge THEM with malfeasance of their public office. If you can afford it, hire a mean lawyer to sue the Hell out of that institution or company or government agency that covers up crimes!

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Damn! Late to the party as usual lol. But I see most of my beautiful brothers and sisters got it handled. This less than human Brochu should be charged with more than a misdemeanor, third-degree criminal mischief and second-degree breach of peace, her acts amount to something more sinister and possibly deadly.
    Yes it was a hate crime, and this bitch Brochu needs some good ole street justice handed down. Too bad S.E. DC is not like it used to be, at one time this bitch could have been dropped off and let the residents take care of her. Now it’s damn near as lily white as she is.

    • looks like you are threatening violence against this white girl! It is too bad you are a lazy black racist who is too cowardly to come out of hiding! You subhuman b-ast~

  7. Guest1 on said:

    Troll alert!!! AAW thinks a white woman smearing her nasty bloody ass tampon on a black woman’s property and taking the black woman’s tooth brush and sticking it up her nasty dirty white ass, in addition to putting moldy clam dip in the black girl’s lotion, in addition to other heinous shit, in order to get the black girl to leave isn’t the acts of a racist, but the acts of a “mean” girl. IDK, the prosecutor feels differently and charged said white skank with a HATE CRIME.

    • Guest 2 on said:

      I know you say that sarcastically – but truth is they may be proud. At 18 where did she come up with the beliefs to conduct herself like that? Some things do start at home and I can imagine that her parents “knew” of her thoughts and actions even if they didn’t want “know.” I am sure it will all come out even if it comes out as “mental defect” to counteract the “hate crime.” There will be many excuses as to why she acted like this – with none of them being her or her family taking responsibility that they sent her to college with this mentality. This behavior was learned which means someone had to teach.

  8. BAW I think it’s time up for the fake posts from the fictious Dr. L. It’s getting offensive and demeaning. We love your website and all that’s going on with division in the world today this is not good just for responses. Please stop!!!

  9. americanize on said:

    Kudos to Ms. Rowe you handle it right,the school was forced to do something about it,they were going to slap the she devil on the wrist,and sweep it under the rug.If she had did that to shaquita pun intended the she devil would have got her azz kicked real good.

    • americanize on said:

      Oh and by the way AAW is a troll,and if she,s black she,s a coon,now kill ur self.If any black person on this site agrees with larry there a coon.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Lol…this is the kind of post you get when a low-intelligent person gets angry, LMAO. Take note, Stay in school!

      • Guest1 on said:

        Fake Dr. is the epitome of a sad deplorable racist, yet, AAW sides with his racist ass, and has issues with black people when they see and read things as racist. So for the future, you all know to just ignore and not feed the trolls.

      • americanize on said:

        @AAW And what does that makes you responding to a so called low- intelligent person.I stand by my statement.

    • Venetta Green on said:

      This just made me sick to my stomach to see that much hatred in people. My heart went out to the young beautiful young lady, who held held her composure and did not react how I would, because that white heffer would have got a straight beat down, so good for her.


    • African American Woman on said:

      Here we have another angry limited-intelligence poster. A person who cannot express themselves like a rational adult. You’re actually funny. If you were smart, you would have understood that based on what my son told me, I went to the school in person to handle the issue…again, maybe you missed it, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. I don’t know what all happened to this young lady, however, I stated that she spoke up which shows how smart she was because she wasn’t going to sit quietly by. Because you obviously have trouble intelligently expressing yourself, I tried to make this simple for you.

  11. Youngsta on said:

    I would have went HAM on the university! NO ONE deserves this type of abuse. What it if Ms. Rowe would have died from contracting a disease. (BBP) The roommate should have been charged with attempted murder. But we all know how the justice system works. Rather you acknowledge it or not… its sad…

  12. Guest 2 on said:

    Then AAW read other posts. If so you would know the room mate boasted about her behaviors on Instagram and referred to her (Rowe) as “Jamaican Barbie” – so who introduced race into first? I am amazed as an AAW at your responses. Not to mention in other news feeds, Rowe stated she was sick and used money her parents were sending her for food on medical expenses as it is not free on campus. So, yes it is good she brought it to the media and gave it attention, but let’s be honest why did she have to? She is a student on campus who was being bullied and victimized by her room mate. The University should have acted regardless. Also know the roommate was only charged with misdemeanors – so why is that? They are only using University discipline actions even though the police were involved. And while crazy knows no color to not acknowledge it is ignorance. Especially when the racial undertones are there. If you chose to remain tone deaf acknowledge that!

      • African American Woman on said:

        Been black all my life, dear. I just think for myself…too bad there are black people like you who have group think mentality…at least there’s no doubt in my mind…you are DEFINITELY black.

      • Guest1 on said:

        Been black for 57 years and can think for myself. You should learn to respect other people’s opinions even if they don’t agree with yours. That’s why we don’t agree. “at least there’s no doubt in my mind…you are DEFINITELY black. Thank you for that comment, and I’m glad you said that because I’m Black and Proud of it. Unlike yourself. Self hater.

      • African American Woman on said:

        If you’re insulted, again, get a life and grow thicker skin…I insulted nobody (point out what insult I said), but you and a few others on here are always calling people who sont buy into your opinions coins, uncle Tom’s and your favorite-fake black people. Everyone doesn’t have to agree with you either and I’m going to assume that you don’t realize that intelligent people can have differing opinions without calling names. That speaks to your immaturity and lack of ability to clearly express yourself. As for my son, where was the sobbing? Quite the opposite, I put an end to the nonsense right away…I didnt sit around thinking oh, poor victim of the white man…I paid the tuition so I spoke up, which is the crux of this article…the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      This is a prime example of you taking a one sided BAW slanted story at face value without any other frame of reference or counterpoint, as straight up fact. This is what you want the story to be because it paints another race in a negative light. Truth or not. Anyone that knows BAW, knows you don’t get the full story or even facts sometimes. We know your black because you dutifully parrot the story and attack those who think for themselves

  13. Ms. Rowe need to sue this evil, racist devil, her parents,and the school for emotional stress, harassment, and defamation of character. This white devil should never be able to walk foot on a college campus. She should serve time in prison, and take away her scholarship and give it to her victim as part of damages. Pure Evil! Brianna will “reap what she sow!”

  14. This is one of those times that social media was used for good. I hope someone has enough balls to publicly identify that nasty ‘ho bag of a roommate. Her stank ass shouldn’t be able to just go on about her merry way without feeling the heat over her vile, disgusting behavior. She may not get jail time, or be made to pay monetarily, but there’s more than one way to skin a skank.

  15. All this RACIST POS had to do once she saw her roommate was a person of color-was to request a room change.

    There was no need for her to resort to such childish tactics regarding Ms. Rowe.

    Yew, I would obtain an attorney and file charges of emotional distress/harassment against
    this white turd.

    • …because prior to Ms. Rowe going public, nothing was being done – – and nothing was being done because the perpetrator was a white female. C’mon, AAW, you know had it been Ms. Rowe committing these acts, she would have been long gone. The university was upholding the roommate is her wrong doing. They would never have let a person of color get away with doing such things.

      • African American Woman on said:

        No, I dont know that and, besides, I wasn’t there…dont know if there is another angle to the story or not….however, I do know that the squeaky wheel gets the oil and I’m glad she went public to get justice….in sure dorm room bullying goes on alot more than most know…hopefully, her courage will give others the courage to speak out.

    • Necessary because details matter. Necessary because the school (which is probably predominantly white), did nothing when Rowe complained. Necessary because the nasty WHITE cowardly skank, didn’t want a BLACK girl as her roommate. Not too far fetched and obvious that this white woman didn’t want a black roommate. Look at the atrocious acts taken upon the black girl by the white girl to get her to leave.

    • AAW, I don’t have to be there. Facts dear, just the facts, and some common sense. All that horrible shit she did to Rowe wasn’t a sign that she liked Rowe and wanted her to stay as her roommate, and that somehow they would be BFF.

      • African American Woman on said:

        I have a college aged son who was an RA while he was in Community College and he would tell ne on a daily basis about the kind of stuff that would go on in the dorms-the fights, the bullying,etc…sometimes it was more than more person bullying one person, sometimes it was the same race, other times it was different races. He also stated that to keep things under control, the college would try to keep things handled internally until someone’s parent got angry enough to make a trip and get the issue fixed (I’m one of the mommas who made the trip). He started getting threats because being an RA requires you to report issues. All I’m saying is even though the article points the race of the girls out (and please don’t say if the victim was white, it would have been handled differently, because, first off, if the victim was white, BAW wouldnt have even reported it) why does everything that is literally black and white have to be racist? Maybe she’s just a lunatic or a mean girl! Craziness doesn’t have a color.

      • AAW, I understand your son’s scenario. However, this isn’t the case. You say, “why does everything that is literally black and white have to be racist?” No one said it was racist except you. You’re right, she could be crazy. She’s just a crazy ass white girl and by her antics, it’s obvious she didn’t want a black girl as her roommate. Anything other than that, we’ll never know, because all we have to rely on now, is that she did “mean” things to the black girl. Now, as far as you saying “please don’t say if the victim was white….”, like I said in my other posts. Details and facts matter. I don’t deal in hypothetical situations, so I’m not going to turn this around and try to make another story out of something that hasn’t even happened.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Ok….you, YOU said in your previous response to me…you dont need to have been there in order for you to know that the white girl didnt want a black girl for a roommate…you made it a racist thing! The article doesn’t even mention anything that the girl did had any racial undertones! You called the girl a Crazy white girl/white skank…you dont know my son’s or this girl’s true situation because you, AGAIN, were not there. So, no, you don’t don’t know anything for a fact. Make sure you’re familiar with your own post before you try to rebutt.

      • Guest1 on said:

        AAW, I can rebut you all day, and you would still lose. I told you, I deal in facts and details. I don’t need to be sitting in the dorm room monitoring what this foul white girl did to the black girl to determine that she didn’t want a black roommate. Common sense. The truth of the matter is, as far as these articles go, you’re right, neither one of us was there, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t form my own conclusion based off of reading the damn article. As for you son, WTH? You injected your sob story into this. Not me. But this isn’t about rebuttals. I’ve said what I had to say about this white skank, and I believe the majority of posters agree with me. She’s just a nasty ass white girl. Just like when you threw race into it when you claimed black people were victim minded. Pls go have a seat. I’m done.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Please sweetheart…if your idea of posting anonymously to other anonymous people on a BAW comment board is your idea of winning, you REALLY need some other things to,do, but to make you feel better, you win, ok?

      • Guest1 on said:

        I’m posting anonymously? How would me posting my name change anything about my comments? What the hell is AAW then, if not anonymously? Pls go sit down. Your shit is tired and so are you. You appear to be the odd man out on this one. If you want to argue, pls go home and have this conversation with someone who gives a fuck about your opinions because I’m not the one.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Reading comprehension isn’t your strong point. I said both of us are anonymous…you’re angered because I dismisses your ridiculous rant. You want respect for your opinion but get mad at mine…group think mentality is dangerous and in the bigger scheme of things no one give two flying fucks about your or my opinion…so calm down before you blow an artery…

      • Guest1 on said:

        AAW, I read, write and comprehend very well. You can see that from my many postings. So stop playing troll. LOL Oh, and not angry at all. Something you already know, too. You really should go back and read all your posts. You asked the question about why race should be involved and people answered and you’re the one who got upset. Calling people victim minded because everyone except you, saw this as having racial undertones. Just in case you missed the news this morning, your “mean” girl has been kicked out of college, and arrested for what? For what? A HATE CRIME! I guess you think the prosecutor is victim minded too. Lesson learned.

  16. Rowe’s ex-roommate is definitely a nasty, trifling skank. Damn! She’s a nasty bitch. Just the thought of handling a used tampon,and rubbing her nasty bloody ass shit on someone else’s stuff. How effing nasty. I guess it made too much sense for the nasty disgusting ex to ask that she be reassigned to another room or ask to change roommates. Again, cowards come in all colors, genders and sizes. Too effing scared to say or do anything in Rowe’s face which would of course have resulted in Rowe giving her the ultimate beat down that she deserved. Cowardly bitch! Glad she got arrested, and hope thrown out of school.

  17. MacBen, the hubub, as you want to call it, is that nothing was being done until Ms. Rowe went public with what had been going on. She was threatened to be removed if she spoke. You know damn well had the situation been the other way around, Ms. Rowe would have been kicked out of the university with the quickness.

  18. …and she is right. Had it been her doing all of those things and it was reported, she would have rushed through the process so fast her head would have snapped off. Shame on the university for taking such a low stand on this and then threatening to remove her if she spoke about it. It wasn’t until the incident was exposed on Facebook that they knew they had to step up and do something about it. Okay, cave-coon Larry, where are you. You always have something derogatory to say about Black women….let’s hear your comments on this ignorant white b##ch.

  19. Mac Ben on said:

    Editor: “no contact” agreement; offender has been arrested so what is the hubub? Rowe should sue the ex-roommate for emotional distress and perhaps vandalism.

    • And the University for taking such slow actions and putting her health in a perilous position. She doesn’t know if she will have in long term effects from these disgusting acts. I hope she emerges a stronger zblack woman and much success with her education. Don’t make this cowardly albeit disgusting acts of one sick individual define the rest of your education. Good luck!!

    • African American Woman on said:

      The “hub bub” is an article meant to inflame the already victim minded black folks on here. These things happen DAILY! What you do is just what this young lady did, you speak out and make sure you get heard!

      • Guest1 on said:

        Why the insult on black posters? Black people aren’t victim minded because they voice their opinion about something they read and possibly agree with. You asked earlier, why the need to mention race in the article because everything black and white isn’t racist. Yet, you have no issue mentioning race when it comes to insulting black people. Hmmm….SMH. Self hate much? The shit this girl did was foul, and no one, is going to post kumbaya posts just because you think if they or the article points out the race, that they’re racist.

      • Are you forgetting that Ms. Rose did speak out originally and the school tried to hush it up and sweep it under the rug? Their response to her was be quiet or you will be removed from the university. I’m sorry AAW, try as you may, there is no other spin you can put on this other than a racial incident that probably could have been avoided if the girl had just requested another roommate when she realized that her roommate, Ms. Rowe, was of color and she did not want to room with her. But no, she did what she did so she could look like a “bad girl” and go on social media and brag about what she did. You can’t fix this for her. It is what it is.

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