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Angel Rich has made quite the splash in both the tech and finance world, using her vast knowledge to help others gain financial literacy. By way of her app Credit Stacker, the Hampton University graduate has been hailed as the “next Steve Jobs” by Forbes and has plans for much more.

Rich, a Washington, D.C. native, knew from the age of six that finance would be her calling. Along with Hampton, Rich studied at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. In 2009, Forbes singled out Rich after she won Prudential’s National Case competition. She then began working for Prudential as a global market research analyst, but realized she could do more on her own.

She started her company, The Wealth Factory, which served as the hub of the Credit Stacker app game, something she had been working on since 2009. While Credit Stacker is marketed as entertainment, the app has proven to be a boost to students wishing to understand the nuances of finance. It was a huge success as well, amassing over 200,000 downloads in a two-week period.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s office named Credit Stacker as the best financial literacy product in the country. Rich’s company, Wealth Factory, was named the ninth-best tech-ed company in the nation by the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools in 2015. Earlier this year, Rich published the book The History of the Black Dollar.

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