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The gender of Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s unborn child has been revealed.

According to Us Weekly, the reality star and the NBA baller are having a baby boy.

Insiders also tell the outlet that Khloe has been maintaining her health regimen. “She’s hungrier than ever,” an insider said. Per the source, Khloe has also been opting for “smaller meals throughout the day.”

News broke back in September that Khloe and Tristan are expecting their first child together.

This will be the first child for Khloe and second for Tristan, who welcomed a baby girl with his ex-girlfriend, earlier this year.

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17 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Reportedly Expecting A Baby Boy

  1. Passing Through! on said:

    @kates1221 on October 26, 2017 at 5:18 pm said:

    Why should she have any regard for Kartrashian? She didn’t claim to love her. She never made any promises to her I’ve never understood why women hold other women responsible for their men whoring around. I still don’t get it.
    I’m not blaming the other woman I’m blaming them BOTH, when that other woman knows that dog she’s laying with has a pregnant wife/girlfriend she is responsible too, if she doesn’t know that’s different. I guess I’m speaking from a moral perspective on Khloe’s part which she obviously has none.

    • A side chick with morals tho? Hah that’s laughable, that goes against everything they stand for. lol

      Recently they were shopping this reality show to showcase these, to use kates words “ho-bags”, I hope it doesn’t air and no one with morals will pick it up, but that’s way too much to ask. mona scott, the queen of garbage tv still exist, sooooo it might be the next reality tv show.

      • Yep. Blaming this reality show, mattress back packing mongrel for taking advantage of an opportunity to make more money off the back of an innocent child is like blaming a bitch in heat for humping a sofa cushion. That’s what they do. If he decided to lay down in the mess instead of cleaning the couch, it’s his fault and his alone that the couch had to be thrown out. The bitch was just doing what comes naturally. His fault 100%.

  2. I thought the Kardasians were Middle Eastern/Macco? Khole/Kendra/Kylie look like their fathers are a white man but Kim/Courtney/Chris look middle eastern indian.

  3. Heyyou!!!! on said:

    Khloe is going to lose him how she got him. Even though she did not break up a marriage, but she did break up a family. so while she is in the hosptial recuperratiing he’s going to go get some new nook nook from his ex. Just like he got some nook nook from khloe when his baby mama was in the hospital having their child. Khloe you seem a little desperate girl. He is not going to marry you so you may as well prepare yourself, like your sister, on how to be a single mom…Congrats OJ on your new grand son.

  4. Passing Through on said:

    And that’s why this won’t last, he left is pregnant girlfriend for a ran through, busted face reality whore who has no morals about breaking up another woman’s marriage. Only a self-loathing black man thinks dating a Kar-trashian is a win.

      • Passing Through! on said:

        And she more than participated in cheating and sleeping with him while he had a pregnant girlfriend/wife, so YES she is just as responsible as he is. She could have taken the high road, although I know that hard to imagine coming from a Kardashian, she was too happy to spread her legs and feed into the attention. She had no regard for his pregnant girlfriend or the stress that she caused, and yes Tristan is a piece of s**t leaving his woman and child for a reality star basketball groupie.

      • Why should she have any regard for Kartrashian? She didn’t claim to love her. She never made any promises to her. He did. He cheated on her, she didn’t. Kartrashian never vowed to love and cherish his ex, but he did. The only person to blame is him. Side chick doesn’t owe wifey any loyalty. The person that was supposed to love and protect her from all harm decided she wasn’t worth it. How is that the side chicks’ fault? She may be a ho’ bag, but his relationship breaking up is his fault. Khloe couldn’t have done it without him. Even as a young woman, I’ve never understood why women hold other women responsible for their men whoring around. I still don’t get it.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I’m not even a little bit impressed. So wait, he had another girl pregnant earlier this year?
    Is this a single white woman having a baby? I wonder why the black women hating trolls aren’t commenting about that fact.

    • americanize on said:

      Its just like racism specialt,white folks don,t want to talk about that.Plus the devils hate the whole kartrashsion family.just sayin.

      • specialt757 on said:

        yeah I guess white folks do consider the kartrashions white trash with money, the worst kind lol. But you know what? They will still consider them better than Ns, so they hate him, more than they hate her. white devils.

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