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CNN anchor Don Lemon has contacted police after receiving multiple racist death threats by a self-proclaimed white nationalist Trump supporter, TMZ reports.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Lemon contacted the NYPD Wednesday after allegedly receiving multiple messages on Twitter, some that read, “F*** you n****r can’t wait to stab your neck” and “U r a pile of rotting Dogsh*t, racist, communist, socialist, Liberal moron a**hole, I will find u. U will pay. ill see u real soon…”

These threats came after Lemon wrote an open letter to the President asking him to stop attacking the widow of slain soldier Sgt. LaDavid T. Johnson. Johnson and three other soldiers were ambushed and killed overseas in Niger.

The user’s Twitter profile is also unsettling, according to TMZ. It reads: “white nationalist conservative. pro-gun anti Islam anti-terrorist anti-leftist yes i HATE democrats,BLM,antifa ,socialists. heavily armed racist.WLM.” He also makes it clear that he backs Trump.

The report with NYPD was made for aggravated harassment, but TMZ sources say it’ll likely be considered a hate crime.

The investigation into the threats is still ongoing and no arrests have been made.

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50 thoughts on “Don Lemon Contacts Police Over Disturbing Death Threats From White Nationalist

  1. Gloria Smith-Matthews on said:

    It is really sad that we are in 2017, and still have such hate and bitterness between people. It would be good to use social media to be more respectful of each other and supportive instead of spreading such meanness.

  2. Passing Through! on said:

    mynue on October 27, 2017 at 4:11 pm said:

    Wait here is another one. What percent of white owned slaves? LOL It was like 1 percent you clown. Hundreds of thousands of whites died saving your black a-sses!
    And how many Black Tuskegee Airmen saved your white asses during the war?

  3. And you just proved my point that you are a racist yourself. I literally come on this site to laugh at what clowns you blacks are. And guess who made me a racist? You blacks! I have lived around you my entire life and hands down you are the most racist, ignorant on the planet. It’s not even close.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “And guess who made me a racist? You blacks!”
      Racists are so funny in a weird, satanic and devilish way. They blame everything on black people, So sad it must be living in your big head with that marble size brain. Oh wait, you must be that empty barrel Kelly was referring too.

      • black devil you look like your chimping out there blackboy! need a banana! Every single iq test in history has blacks scoring the lowest! Asians score the highest. Deny all you want blackboy! No slavery in africa today blackboy? Maybe you should visit the muddaland and see how your fellow blackboys live this very day! It ain’t pretty blackboy! Now get back to your nation of islam convention where farracoon will tell you black devils you used to be able to fly until that evil white devil stole your superpowers you clown.

    • Passing Through! on said:

      Yeah, “blacks made Me racist” GTFOH! You were born into racism & white supremacy, everything in your culture teaches you racism, your ANCESTORY, your RELIGION, your POLITICS and your EDUCATION system. How in the f**k can a black person, descendants of enslaved Africans be racist in a system of racism that you created. And for the record every living thing came out of Africa, Education, Religion, Science, Math and Engineering so keep believing that white people invented 90% of everything…LOL! But again, that’s what your racism and white supremacy tells you. If White people are sooooo damn smart to create 99% of everything you would never had to enslave Africans to build your country. Intellectual minds don’t enslave, oppress, kill, lie and steal elections and then be too god damn stupid to properly govern behind a black president after you cheat you way into the white house. See, trump is a reflection of who you people are, how f**king dumb, unevolved and just pure plain stupid racist like you are. And you don’t come here to laugh at us you come here because you’re a sick, savage racist trolling a black website!

      • 13 percent of the US population yet over 60 percent of violent crimes. 75 percent of the worlds aids carriers. 1 in 2 black men will be charged with a felony in their lifetimes. The lowest iq’s of any race and there is mountains of scientific evidence to support this. If you wish to deny it then go ahead. Smallest brains of any race, highest levels of testosterone and lack of impulse control all lead to violent crime.Over 70 percent of kids born out of wedlock. I can go on forever. Why is every black controlled city in this country a S-ithole! Detroit, the south side of chicago. Face it you b=asts can’t act civilized. is it any wonder white people don’t want to live around you?

      • when we found you b=boons you hadn’t even invented the wheel or had a written language you clown. GTFOH with that black isrealite, black panther devil nonsense. You know it aint true blackboy. Look at your self in the mirror clown. Your race is the biggest joke in history and you know it blackboy!

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      • specialt757 on said:

        you keep this up mynue aka petey, you’re going to bust a blood vessel in that very tiny brain. Yawn, you are so boring.

      • Passing Through! on said:

        Who sold black into slavery? Another Lie from your white history books

        Black have lowest iq of any race on the planet…LOL.. But yet had the most successful president in history…Another lie from your history books…L0l!
        13 percent of the US population yet over 60 percent of violent crimes…Lie, if count systemic crimes against black by whites like poising the water in flint, putting drugs in black neighbor hoods, stealing elections, wrongfully incarnating black men ect. White on black crime far exceeds black on black crime. And you racist inflate black crime numbers by counting S**t where no crime was committed as black crime….Next!
        when we found you b=boons you hadn’t even invented the wheel or had a written language you clown…DUMBASS You can’t be ahead of people who were already here millions of years before you STUPID. Like I said everything came out Africa, language science everything…LOL! You can’t actually look at trump and believe that blacks have the lowest iq’s…GTFOH!

        Wait here is another one. What percent of white owned slaves? Whites have killed over 200 million slaves, Indians and Indigenous people.
        BASICALLY LIES, STEROTYPES & BULLS**T That keep you thinking that you’re superior.

        Oh by the way, you forgot to mention that JESUS IS WHITE, coming straight out of Africa with glowing pasty white skin washed in doves soap, flowing golden blond hair and blue eyes brighter than the deep blue sea…..LOL!

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    • Hundreds of millions ! You are so pathetic and making up false statistics from the nation of islam you black devil. Please find me one iq test adminstered in history where you b=asts don’t score the lowest.~! come on black devil

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      • Passing Through! on said:

        No more false than you believing Jesus is white. Iq test are racist they don’t take any environmental or social factors into consideration, it has already been proven that Iq test are not a true indicator of intelligence. But keep thinking you’re smarter with the dumbest f**king president in history in office……LOL!

  4. Passing Through! on said:

    @specialt757 on October 26, 2017 at 3:03 pm said:

    “sweet tart” is that your pet name for your beotch Knowledge?
    They’re the same racist white troll posting under a different name pretending to be black.

  5. Dr. Larry on said:

    How many times have we seen these claims turn out to be false or self inflicted. CNN ratings have fallen precipitously as Trump exposes the MSM clear and present bias. Lemon in particular has taken a bigger hit in ratings, with blacks and other minorities turning to lternative “news” sources like the View and Access Hollywood. What better way to get a bump in ratings than to have a scandal?

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Death threats? Really white folks, smh. Coward bitch mofos, can’t be bother to say their threats face to face, gotta hide behind a computer screen. Or ride down the street in their oj simpson broncos yelling racial slurs out of the window. Scared bitches.

      • specialt757 on said:

        sticks and stones baby, sticks and stones. Cowardly mofos hide behind computer screens, man miss me wit’ this shit.

    • stop making a fool of yourself. Blacks are the biggest cowards on the planet. Just look at the grown black “man” who spit at a 13 year old white girl and called her a racial slur. He will be arrested and charged with a hate crime. That is a real coward like you!

    • Leslie on said:

      So he’s “hating” on them for insisting that they do their damned jobs, and calling out BAD cops for their illegal activities is now called “hating” by White folks like you (if in fact you really are White) looking to justify your cowardly-ass behavior?? Okay, got it. By the way, you spend a lot of time insisting that no one is answering your questions, but now I have one for you. Let’s see if you’ll answer it, or if you’ll punk-out like I fully expect you to…. I want to know why it is that you spend so much time on this particular website…BLACKAmericaWeb? Why are you sooo interesting in what is going on in the Black community?? #WaitingForYouToSidestepThis Inquiry 🙄

  7. smiles on said:

    Make no mistake, 1st off it is the GOD GIVEN RIGHT to ANYONE that decides to take a knee to oppose Racial injustices shoved down the throats and backs of African American and people of color. ” NO ONE ” HAS THE RIGHT to harm you for what you believe in. KUDOS to Don Lemon and may the “SCUM BAG / BAGS responsible be hung by their NUTS !!!!!!

  8. Don Lemon keeps it real on his CNN show-white folks don’t like the TRUTH.
    Screw them!!!!!!!

    I hope the cops take these threats seriously and don’t blow Don off.

    The folks making threats must be some of Chump’s Klan!!!!!!!

  9. jhuf, one has nothing to do with the other. To acknowledge that there are some cops that don’t need to be cops is valid. Police officers commit to serving and protecting and if you are not doing that across the board, then you don’t deserve to wear the uniform. I don’t get people like you not understanding, or wanting to rid police departments of the bad seeds – – unless of course those bad seeds are acting in line with your way of thinking. Mr. Lemon is not seeking protection from “those evil racist cops;” he is seeking protection from those genuinely committed to their oath to serve and protect……get some understanding, why don’t you?

    • I know the overwhelming majority of cops are good , it’s people like you who
      take that 1/10 of 1% of bad cops and paint all cops in that light, you only need look at YouTube videos of antifa BLM when they chant “death to cops, F$#@ the police they sure as hell don’t say “not all just the few bad ones “ get a clue yourself

  10. Well let’s hope they don’t have the tenacity of James Hodgkinson the Hilary/Bernie supporter that shot the Rep Senators playing baseball earlier this year.
    It’s also ironic Mr. Lemon now seeks protection from those evil racist cops liberals
    proudly take a knee in protest to.

  11. specialt757 on said:

    Fake doc, mynue aka petey the pedophile and the other un & under educated side show bobs wrote those nasty tweets. That’s the kind of ugly and hateful rhetoric they use at their klan rallies.
    Here they are officers! Arrest their mangy mutt asses.

    • blackdevil, I am a racist. I can admit it. Not like a coward like you that “claims” discrimination on a daily basis to hide your own hatred of whites. Your insecurity is beyond amazing! 90 percent of everything is invented by whites or asians. You can deny this all you want and claim Whitey beez owes me a livin dem white debils stole from us yo! but it doesn;t change the fact that blacks are the parasites of the PLANET!

      • specialt757 on said:

        “blackdevil, I am a racist” You proved my point. Everything you said, proved our point. But I know some people still don’t believe racism exist and we shouldn’t talk about it everyday, it’s just a figment of our imagination right? Well folks, here you have it, straight from the horse’s ass mouth.

    • yea i am sure if you had a business you would just be hiring white people right? GTFOH you would discriminate against more qualified white applicants just like any other black. I am sure you would be so happy if a white family moved into your ghetto neighborhood. GTFOH you racist pig!

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