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The NAACP has issued a travel advisory to all African-Americans traveling on American Airlines.

On Tuesday, October 24, 2017, the organization released a statement explaining a pattern they’ve noticed in various incidents reported on the airline among African-American passengers.

The incidents surrounding this advisory has caused the organization to believe that there is a “corporate culture of racial insensitivity and possible racial bias.”

A spokeswoman for American Airlines, Shannon Gilson, expressed disappoint on the companies behalf in hearing the advisory and is “committed to providing a positive, safe travel experience for everyone” who flies with them.

In their statement, the NAACP outlined four instances where African-Americans were victims of mistreatment.

This includes an African-American male that was forced to give his purchased seat up because he responded to “disrespectful and discriminatory comments directed” at him from two white passengers.

Another incident involves an African-American woman and her baby being removed from a flight from Atlanta to New York after asking for her stroller to push her child in.

The NAACP president Derrick Johnson says, “growing lists of incidents…involves behavior that cannot be dismissed as normal or random.”


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(Sources: NAACP ,CNN Money, CBS News)

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44 thoughts on “NAACP Issues Travel Advisory For African-Americans Flying American Airlines

  1. FYI Larry, I do not shop at Asian establishments; my hair is worn in its natural state and not one strain of it is fake; I do my own nails; I try to eat healthy; I do not drink and I support Black business on every opportunity. So before you go making some damn ignorant blanket statement, know what you’re saying. I’m not speaking to take anyone backward. You, however, are in the dark as far as you can be. For you and AAW, I know who I am and am very, very comfortable in it. I stand by what I say because I live it. I am nobody’s victim.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Great! You’re doing exactly what’s right to strengthen the black community…that’s how you affect change, not complaining and trying to get the white man to change…the only person you have any control over is you.

  2. leadjustone on said:

    Specialt757, you just go right on speaking your truth! Know that there are many others who agree with you. Unfortunately, there are racist, self-hating black people on this site, or maybe they are just posing as such. In any case, there are many successful Black owned businesses that open on time, and provide excellent customer service. Imagine that! Expand your horizons people. Read Black Enterprise magazine. Excellence is the best deterrent to racism. (Oprah Winfrey)

  3. Lone Wolf on said:

    I recommend Black men fly Southwest Airlines. On a flight from Baltimore to Dallas I had trouble finding a seat. The White flight attendant told me, “I have a great seat for you.” She guided me to a seat next to a young attractive White or Hispanic woman. Before I sat down the White flight attendant whispered in my ear, “you can thank me later”. Now that’s service!

  4. I can’t believe that I’m hearing Black people say that they would fly with or trust an airline, because it was Black owned. Wow! We are truly brain f-ed! So, not only do whites think that we are inferior, but we do too! Now where did we get that thinking? Unbelievable! My uncle was a captain with a major airline and the amount of BS that he had to put up with was unbelievable! Remember the saying that we have to be twice as good as they are! And he was! If anything you would be safer with a Black pilot!! Just brain F-ed!!! Also, whites will go to any lengths to undermine us, including fake profiles and pretending to be Black online. Be careful who you co-sign with!

  5. FallMornings on said:

    Special. Why are you against anyone’s opinion that doesn’t agree with you. You are like most blacks, if you have anything to say, it better agree with me. Funny, you want to be heard but not listen to anyone else.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Angry black women and kids have much in common where it pertains to their behavior. They haven’t evolved enough to process information that doesn’t match their perspective, so they lash out with accusations and vulgar rhetoric. That is Special. That’s her

    • Funny how we have HAD TO, FORCED TO, listen to your white opinions for centuries, now that we can voice our own opinions you mad! Sad.

      • Take a look at the title of the site, it’s BLACK AMERICAN WEB. Take your BS else where. I hear Breitbart calling scat! I wouldn’t waste my time on breitbart, but you a-holes love to troll Black sites. You are just obsessed with us, you want to be us, so sad.

  6. specialt757 on said:

    AAW stay clueless.
    I agree S.D. and The Truth, spending our money in these establishments only makes them rich and us (especially those who use credit cards this time of the year), poorer. These material things are bought to impress others and once they see it, the thrill is gone. These fortune 500 retail CEOs go to their homes on the Rivera in yachts or other exotic places we will never get to because we’re too far in debt. They don’t appreciate us as consumers why keep their children and grandchildren in tailor-made gear and the best of education. There is nothing I nor my family is in need of or want, so going to a homeless shelter to work for Christmas is perfect. Doing something to help others, Christ-like, what a concept!

    • African American Woman on said:

      Well clueless can be fixed by getting a clue…but bitter, victimized and feeling inferior takes a lot more work. We as a people need to stop looking for approval from white folks and I will always say and velieve that…if that makes me clueless, then, I’lll gladly stay clueless…not every black person is going to jump on the “poor ole victim me” bandwagon…that’s the beauty of being black…not only are we strong, capable, intelligent and beautiful…we are also diverse in our backgrounds, ideas and beliefs…Monoliths AKA sheep are the most narrow minded amongst us…I say if a person wants to cry victim, blame white people for everything and then look for them to fix everything…be my guest, go ahead…I still see you as a black person with your own opinion…simple as that…

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        AAW laying down the good word from the pulpit. Can I get an Amen. You so on point. The victim mentality has been going on for too many generations. We are getting nowhere, worse, people like Special, L, and S. D. are thing us backwards. How many times you see these fools claim we need to develop and support our own infrastructure, Then run out to the local Asian owned market for snacks, liquor, lotto, or weave. That’s them all day long

  7. Now, The Truth, you have really spoken something here……stop spending all your money on Christmas. If anyone does not believe in Jesus the Christ, you really shouldn’t be spending your money, and if you do believe, then you really need to find another way to celebrate His birth other than running out on your families on Thanksgiving for some unrealistic sale, crazy black Friday, and the like. If you are a true believer, then honor Christ by doing as he would want you to do, help your fellowman. Take a meal to someone, shovel someone’s snow, visit the elderly, the orphans and the sick. Spending your money in such a foolish way is not being a good steward over what you have.

  8. African Americans need to BOYCOTT these white establishments and re-create their own BLACK WALL STREET. Of course white America would become jealous once again! White America only understand money and guns. Taking money away from them hurts them. Also, African Americans also need to not spend money on Christmas! I hope American Airlines end up going out of business!

  9. The bottom line is, everyone on this comment section has a right to their own opinion. Just because someone doesn’t agree with someone else’s comments doesn’t make them wrong. Opinions are like butt holes, we all have one. We all think for ourselves. The white men running this country are taking this country backwards. That’s a fact. Some blk people are in a better position financially where they don’t have to depend on the white man for an opportunity. But the majority of us work for corporations ran by old white men. Rather we work for the govt. or the private sector. @specialt, I’m with you on this one, keep speaking your thruth!!!

  10. Oh Yeah cause ONLY Blacks get singled out and mistreated on flights
    Sounds more like a no longer significant arm of the Grievance industry injecting race in issues that have affected people of ALL ethnicities and races

    • African American Woman on said:

      You haven’t heard? We own the copyright on victimhood…not one video, recording or anything but a her word against his word and now AA has disrespected and discriminated against every black person who’s ever flown with them…does anyone else besides us and a few others whose brains are switched in the in position see how dumb this is????

  11. specialt757 on said:

    You, (like you claim others do), fall for the okie doke. You think the same way whitey wants you to think. You tear down your own by saying the same stereotypical bullshit about black folks. “NOT going to get on a black owned, black run airplane….LMAO…ok, we’re taking off…5 seconds later…uh oh…we’re going down.” Oh and to my statement “to be treated equally” should have been to be treated at a minimum equally, and never less than.
    “I don’t wanted to be treated as an equal to anyone. I determine what treatment I will accept and I control my feelings”. That right there sounds like a bunch of hooplah bullshit. Who doesn’t determine what treatment they will accept? Oh and another thing, most people don’t “control their feelings”. They may however, control their reaction(s) to their feelings. You’re not saying anything profound or intelligent. You’re saying what white folks taught you to say. You call people sheep? That’s what I think of you every time you make a post out here. You never have anything uplifting to say about “our” people as a race, no one believes “you love black people”. I think you’re what black folks call “uppity, or snooty”. I know all too well you’re not better than me, so I will never utter those words. You come out here telling us HOW and WHAT to think. Miss me wit’ it, I don’t need you for that, I can discern and process information on my own, I don’t your help.

    • African American Woman on said:

      Funny, I’m the sheep, but I think differently from the crowd???….check your wool, dear…unlike you, I don’t give the white man that much credit. He doesn’t run my life, dictate my thoughts nor does he have the power to make me feel inferior. Your perpetual anger and bitterness comes from your feelings of inferiority. Black people like you who are always the defensive are always in fight mode, but your fighting something you can’t change….the white man isn’t going to automatically love you because you get angry enough…he probably doesnt care how you feel…if you put that anger, bitterness and despair into making your life, the lives of the people in your community and your family stronger, you wont feel so powerless and dependent on the white man’s opinion of you. The reason black people like you- the perpetual victims-dont like black people like me- the ones who are over blaming another set of human beings for every little thing that goes wrong in my life- because we force you to deal with the inferiority you feel. I don’t today, yesterday not tomorrow will care what some white man, green man or whomever, thinks about me. Would you let anotger black person steal your sense of humanity??? NO! But you willingly hand it over to the white man in exchange for the chance to blame the white man for just about anything that can go wrong. As for the joke about black businesses…its sometimes true…I can only speak on black businesses because I know many..,stereotypes are bred partially through some truth…being able to laugh at something that may not be comfortable requires that you be at a place of high self esteem and confidence. I CHOOSE not to be bitter, angry and aggrieved at every little thing that pops up because Ive got more important things going on in my life…I suggest you work on your inferiority complex issues then black people like me who aren’t obsessed with what the white man thinks of me won’t intimidate you anymore.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Hahahahaha “…what the white man thinks of me won’t intimidate you anymore.” I have to laugh because you obviously are insane. I won’t even address the non-sense in your statement, nothing in there refers to how I live my life. I guarantee you, no one, not even a minion like yourself intimates me, let alone white folks. I think for myself, and I couldn’t care less if whitey likes me or not, that is so far from my issue, and you clearly don’t have a clue. But keep telling yourself those things because it makes you feel high & mighty. Oh but I will say this, if I’m always in fight mode, it’s because people like you are always on the attack and you got that right, I’m always willing to fight for what I believe in. I’ll just keep smh at the ridiculousness of your statements.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Hmmm…that’s alot of self-defense for someone who claims not to care about having to defend themselves against anyone…here’s a challenge…try and see how long you can go without playing victim to something some white person did…I give you….4 hours tops. Trying to find other things to think about should keep you busy for WEEKS!

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      AAW, I implore you to ignore that porch monkey. The proverb victim will NEVER take responsibility or accountability for their actions. We have several here on BAW that feed off each other and you don’t have to read their posts deep before it surfaces

  12. specialt757 on said:

    Perhaps one day we will own our own airlines. In the meantime, we should only support businesses that treat us like our dollars are valuable, most of us work hard for our money. We should get the most from it at all times. They should treat us with decency, dignity and respect, nothing less.
    I haven’t traveled on a plane in more than a year now and before that it had been quite some time, I really just don’t like the hassle. However, I do have a trip coming up in June and you can bet 10 bags of skittles, AA won’t be the airline I choose. Again, the reason why we can’t succeed as a group is because we all are not on the same page at the same time, we don’t all want the same thing…to be treated equally.

  13. It’s all about money…….just don’t fly with them. Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Things like that on a massive scale does still work. Let AA go the route of all the other defunct airlines.

    • African American Woman on said:

      People crack me up…AA isn’t going out of business anytime soon and I guarantee there’s black folks flying them today because they have places to go…I love my people, but anyone who’s ever been to a black run business-not all, but many, is NOT going to get on a black owned, black run airplane….LMAO…ok, we’re taking off…5 seconds later…uh oh…we’re going down.

      • African American Woman on said:

        The ones who wouldn’t believe it are like you…the ones who believe the only “true and right” black people MUST be oppressed 24-7, MUST be perpetual victims of racism, bigotry, hatred or just plain ole victim of the white man, are totally helpless to change our own situations, are always begging dor equality-whatever that means…I don’t wanted to be treated as an equal to anyone. I determine what treatment I will accept and I control my feelings…NO person has enough power to make me feel anything….with that said, I do live my people…I just feel sorry for the ones who live their lives as victims trying to control the feelings of white people.

  14. Maybe the African American community could use its own Airlines.
    For US, By Us.

    From all of the incidents I have read about this year on airlines, I doubt if I will ever
    fly again.

    They would have to remove me bodily from the plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No doubt a white person is saying the same about you…and rightly so
      As far as a black airline would it’s operation and safety be on par with that of Detroit or Baltimore

      • African American Woman on said:

        Just like we don’t support each other in business currently, we definitely wouldn’t support no airplane full of black folks at 10,000 feet in the air…please, these folks on here who are so fake outraged over a story they don’t even know to be true wouldnt plop their behinds down on that flight…

      • Yeah cause being put on blast from a mediocre and no longer significant organization
        I’m sure AA’s is heading to bankruptcy court right now

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