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Colin Kaepernick may soon have another revenue source to replace his old NFL paychecks.

The ex-San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who launched the current movement of NFL players protesting during the national anthem, has been “taking meetings with publishers in the New York offices of WME,” a source tells Page Six.

Kaepernick is represented as an athlete by WME agent Carlos Fleming.

The QB has filed a collusion grievance against league owners, believing they have joined forces to keep him from joining a team. The case is already starting to move forward, according to CBS Sports, with the sides beginning to exchange communications about how the initial stages of the process should unfold.

Via CBS Sports:

During this discovery stage, with requests for evidence made, Kaepernick’s legal team plans to ask the System Arbitrator hearing the case to compel all owners and high-ranking officials to turn over cell and email correspondence, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, though ultimately the process generally results in a smaller sample granted. Currently, there is a “litigation hold” in place regarding the electronic communication of NFL teams, according to the source, with team officials prohibited from expunging any relevant data.

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6 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick Reportedly Shopping A Book Deal

  1. FallMornings on said:

    My question is not stupid at all, just cause you don’t agree with it. Please passing through stop being an azz hole.

  2. I wonder what he has done during his lifetime that someone would pay to read about? I’d never even heard of him until he started parking his butt cheeks on bench at the beginning of football games. But then, I’m not a football fan.

  3. FallMornings on said:

    A book deal, for what? Dude, why don’t you get a job in the field you studied in college. That would make sense to me. Especially, if the NFL isn’t going to hire you.

    • Passing Through on said:

      A book deal for what? Are you f**king kidding me! A book deal because he lost his job taking a knee against racism and the murder of unarmed citizens. If Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Kim Kardashian, & Bill Oreily can get a book deal to talk about bulls**t Why shouldn’t he have a book deal, to talk about something that really matters, I would buy his book. Kaepernick is very intelligent, I think it’s great to see a young successful black man pen a book and share his experiences. And believe me Kap has no problem getting a job outside the NFL. The fact you have to ask a stupid ass question “a book deal for what” obviously shows how you think or don’t

  4. Kudo’s to Colin!!!!!!!

    When one door closes, another window opens!!!!!!!!!

    I wish this young man all the best and hope he is successful in his litigation against the NFL-
    (Not For Long) football league. He stands a very good chance of WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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