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Morgan Freeman will take on the role of former Secretary of State Colin Powell in “Powell,” a biopic from Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Reginald Hudlin, fresh from his Thurgood Marshall biopic “Marshall,” will direct the drama, which will be produced by Amritraj and Lori McCreary, Freeman’s partner at Revelations Entertainment.

Ed Whitworth penned the script set during Powell’s tenure as Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration.

Powell, who went from respected Army general to the first African-American Secretary of State, initially opposed the U.S.’ invasion of Iraq, not believing dictator Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. But he capitulated to hawkish voices in the White House and made a now-infamous case for war to the United Nations Security Council. The evidence he presented was later discredited, and Powell has described the event as a low point in his career.

The film will also cover the lead-up to his UN presentation.

Freeman, who is also executive producing the project, last appeared on the big screen in the crime caper comedy “Going in Style” and will appear in Disney’s upcoming fantasy “The Nutcracker” and the “Four Realms.”

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African American Politicians Who Kill The Game
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3 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman To Play Colin Powell In Reginald Hudlin Directed Biopic

  1. I do declare. Morgan Freeman and Sam Jackson have a lock on Hollywood when it comes to black male actors. I know there is more than two actors. I love them but come on Hollywood!

  2. Tonya Hendricks on said:

    Aren’t there any high yellow brothers out there who can act?Thurgood Marshall was creole looking and the guy who portrayed him was Ebony and this is the case with Morgan Freeman being Ebony and Colin being creole. I’m such a visual person. I need to see the likeness in order to get into the story.I love Morgan and anything he does but unless there is makeup involved this will be a hard sell for me.

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