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A rivalry between two Texas high schools takes a terrible fall after racist photos were posted by students on social media.

The image shows the J. J. Pearce High School symbol as a supremacist over their rival Richardson High School.

Using the pictures of burning crosses, the KKK and a noose along with the faces of people involved in controversial police shootings like Michael Brown.

The pictures were posted just days before the two schools would meet on the field for a football game.

Monica Atterberry told CBS local news that her daughter who attends J. J. Pearce first noticed the pictures on Snap Chat.

“It’s heartbreaking to even relive memories,” said Atterberry.

The feeling is mutual for students at Richardson High School. “Hate is just spreading and it shouldn’t be hate, it should be love,” explained Lauren Gillmore a student at Richardson High.

To show unity at their football game, both high schools band stood side by side while playing the National Anthem.

“This is something that should have never happened,” said Chris Moore a Richardson ISD spokesperson. He continued, “It’s not acceptable, and there’s going to be some punishment.”

The school has found the two students that are responsible for the harsh social media post. According to Moore, these students could be suspended or sent to an alternative school for their actions.

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(Source: CBS News Dallas)

(Photo Credit: CBS News Dallas)

35 thoughts on “High School Rivalry Turns Bad With Racist Social Media Post

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