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Poor Eniko Hart. Surely, that’s what a lot of people are saying about Kevin Hart’s 2nd wife who is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Eniko made her first public appearance since her husband’s cheating scandal erupted over the weekend. She was spotted taking their family dog to an animal hospital.

And yes, she was wearing her wedding ring.

So far Eniko hasn’t spoken out on her husband’s announcement that he was being blackmailed by a woman. As we reported earlier, Kevin Hart has become the victim of an extortion plot after someone managed to record video of him in a few compromising situations.

Meanwhile, The Blast reported on Sept. 18 that Eniko Hart is “fully committed” to the actor and she wants to help him through the extortion case.

There is “no strife between them,” a source told the website. “The focus is on getting the people who are responsible for extorting Kevin.”

The site also says that Kevin apologized profusely and made amends with Eniko, claiming that they are on “solid ground” barring any new developments.

“The most important thing right now is his family,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “He needs to keep his family together.”

In other news surrounding the messy situation, according to TMZ, the woman photographed with Kevin Hart in the extortion video is the one who agreed to sit for a lie detector test … for a price.

Someone involved in the case agreed to sit for a lie detector test, but only if Kevin anted up in the mid-6 figures.

We now know the woman pictured in the video hired a lawyer who contacted Kevin’s people and made the lie detector money request.

We’re told authorities have been honing in on at least one suspect, but it’s unclear if the woman in the video is in the crosshairs of authorities. It’s possible — emphasis on possible — she was a victim and someone planted the iPhone in the bedroom.

As of now, the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigations has taken a lead role in the investigation.

(Photo Credit: Associated Press)

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