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Well, kids, we have an update.

With the Power season 4 finale in the books, earlier we reported that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was encouraging fans to basically boycott STARZ, the network that broadcasts the show.

The rapper/actor/producer was not happy with the network because he said STARZ didn’t treat the show with the respect that it deserves being that it’s the network’s number one show.

What a difference a day or two makes. You see, Mr. Curtis Jackson is now singing a different tune. Why is that, you ask? Apparently it’s all good between he and the network. Here’s what he shared via social media:

I just got off with Chris Albrecht, head of STARZ. New Deal More POWER coming your way, next season there will be less of a Wait. Thanks for supporting me, ???? I can’t believe how much money they just gave me. That sh*t just f*cked with my nerves my hand is shaking. LOL TURN THAT SHIT BACK ON NOW.”

Actually this development doesn’t surprise us at all. For one, Fiddy, as a co-creator and producer of Power has leverage because as we just mentioned above, the production is STARZ’s number one show. Secondly, there’s also the point we made about Albrecht and the STARZ suits not wanting to deal with having the negative publicity that 50 is putting out there. In other words, anything to shut him up!


50 Cent is still not happy with the STARZ network and he does seem to have a valid point. You see he’s steamed because of the way the net is treating his show, Power.

Earlier this year the rapper/actor/producer threatened to take Power somewhere else and STARZ even allegedly accused the mogul of leaking this season’s episodes once he didn’t get his way.

On Sunday, 50 headed to his Instagram account to prior to the season finale and captioned a photo “I don’t think the Starz network realize your watching POWER because it’s my show.”

He also told fans to cut off the network’s service with their cable provider after watching the episode. “So take STARZ out of your cable package after you see POWER tonight. Then they will understand I bet. #50centralbet”

If you were not aware, Power is STARZ highest rated program, and Mr. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson just wants part of the credit for the premium cable channel’s competitiveness on Sunday nights.

BTW, 50 Cent is no dummy. He has other TV irons in the fire. One of them is a show premiering on BET later this month called 50 Central.

Meanwhile, back at STARZ, we have the feeling that the net is going to give him what he wants if only to keep its name out of his mouth.

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