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Uh oh. Are the suits over at NBC freaking out cause they are worried that after dumping popular host Tamron Hall for Megyn Kelly that Kelly’s upcoming morning replacement show won’t appeal to younger people and non-whites? Yep, that’s the fear and the predicament the network finds itself in after Hall’s departure.

According to the Daily Beast, the network is freaking out because the performance of Kelly’s current Sunday night show has let execs in a “total panic” about her morning show, which will debut on Sept. 25. As we reported back in January, the network made room for Kelly by axing the 9am hour of the long-running “Today Show” that was co-hosted by Hall and Al Roker.

megyn kelly

“A lot of people were watching the [Sunday] magazine show to try to get a sense of her appeal to the daytime demographic and a sense of how she would be outside of the Fox environment,” one insider told The Daily Beast. “Fox News skews very male… I always tend to think of her as more of a guy’s girl than a girl’s girl… It’s extremely challenging, and I’m not sure Megyn’s personality really connects with women.”

Here’s what TV news analyst Andrew Tyndall had to say about Kelly’s Sunday show and its appeal or lack thereof especially to non-whites:

“The Sunday show laid such an egg that any claims that she had automatic star power, to get people in the door to see what she was doing, have been disavowed… The stardom of the celebrity anchor was a phenomenon of the 1980s back when [flamboyant ABC News president] Roone Arledge was around. In this day and age, the shows make the anchors, not the other way around.”

On the other hand, things are looking up for Hall. She’s working on her own syndicated daytime talk show with the backing of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Like they say, when one door closes, another opens.

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21 thoughts on “Will Tamron Hall Get The Last Laugh In Megyn Kelly Deal?

  1. !! Earthquakes or natural disasters are not only mechanical phenomena, they are also meant to awaken the intellect and hearts of humans so that they free themselves from their mistakes and madness and understand that they are not alone in the universe !! – The last prophecy of Peter Deunov  ………..…………….  On the other hand, The mothernature has always triple lessons for whatever supremacist minds through the distance or around. From far or near! However, men are born stubborn; this is what requires strong basic drill and academic knacks to consolidate the weakening awareness. – Versaint  

    • Passing Through! on said:

      Yes, but these dumb ass conservatives in charge don’t believe in global warning, President Obama tried to warn them, he tried to create clean energy jobs to help save the planet but they wanted to despite him because he’s black and because of their hypocritical religious beliefs.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Right. The earth is a living, breathing being, natural phenomena have always existed well before humans inhabited it. God gave us great minds, like the scientist who are able to predict changes and future natural occurrences (now we call them disasters) that affect the earth and will affect people in these areas. But because the powers to be don’t believe in anything that doesn’t involve making them richer and others poorer, they can’t see the forest for the trees. It has rarely been about what’s good of the masses and future generations, just the selfishness and greed of who? The white man. So simple, but few get it.

  2. Passing Through! on said:

    I guess it is not enough to have just about every mainstream network and even your local news LIBERAL and GODLESS; you want Fox to be the same!!
    LOL! You must be white to say some s**t like that because GOD is NOWHERE at Fox News! You talk about Anti-God/traditional values. What values do the racist at fox news hold as a matter of they just hired mentally ill nut job Tomi Lahren who is a up straight racist. Conservatives are against same sex marriage, abortions abut openly hate President Obama because he’s black, tried to demonize BLM as a hate group for protesting racism, was in support of George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin and every other unarmed black man killed by police. You can’t be a Christian and a racist at the same time. You can hate the black president but cling to your bible when it advances your cause. If they can’t force white Christian Religion/Politics on everyone else, then that person is ANTI-GOD, if they don’t hate gays, against abortion or anything else that doesn’t have white AMERIKKA”S stamp of approval, it must be immoral, corrupt or evil. These people aren’t Christians the true GOD they serve and the religion they practice is WHITE SUPREMACY. And yes, RACISM, & WHITE SUPREMACY is embedded in white Christianity. If they truly had any Christian values they would have never own human slaves in the first place. And a black person wanting to support or see another person of color on television in a sea of white folks is not racist! There’s no such thing as a “liberal media” white racist conservatives own 95% of the television and media industry, even the ones who pretend to be liberal.

  3. Tamron Hall is not that special. She is just another in a line of avaricious and omniscient liberals on television who are in lock step with the democratic party agenda and will do anything to destroy our democracy in order to advance a socialist/Marxist plan that has universally failed all over the world and HAS NEVER BEEN and WILL NEVER BE GOOD for the average person let alone the average black person in this country!!

    I am not a fan of Megyn Kelly or a 100% fan of Fox News. But, I surmise that since many viewers on this site appear to be active or tacit supporters of an anti-God/traditional values -Marxist/socialist agenda promulgated by the democratic party and worshippers of Obama and George Soros, they should at least give Megyn a chance since she shares many of the same values of the anti-American democratic left in this country!

    Did you know that she is pro same-sex marriage and abortion and always seems compassionate to liberal causes appearing at GLAAD and LGBT media events for years. And, the times I watched her on air, she did not appear to be overtly racist against black people or black causes!!!

    But, I will bet that you also did not know that because you assume that all Fox personalities are racist, homophobic and xenophobic. However, more than a few of them are just as liberal as many of you are and just “play the game” in order to gain employment, carve out and maintain careers.

    That is why there is so much “network musical chairs” going on where “journalist personalities” hop from one network to the next where once they were conservative leaning and now when they are with the new network, some of them become liberal.

    I guess it is not enough to have just about every mainstream network and even your local news LIBERAL and GODLESS; you want Fox to be the same!!

    Well, you should be happy about that, too, since the Murdock sons along with their liberal wives have assumed the helm at Fox and have steadily moved the network to the left!

    Perhaps, many of you will not be satisfied until all media is blatantly liberal, anti-God and Marxist/secular progressive. Then, stand up and give yourselves a rousing round of applause, because we are almost there in this country with this biased media toxicity!!

    But, I guess as long as those evil conservatives or republicans are held in their place or beaten to a pulp or even shot while doing charity work that is okay with some folks!!

    Why is it racist if non-blacks/whites tune into see a television show with a white host and advocates for the host, but it is not racist when blacks tune in to see a black personality or show? Are we still spouting the “blacks can’t be racist” spiel because we are minorities or descendants of slaves in this country or elsewhere?

    What a load of defecation that we sling so to not be called out on our own hypocrisy or racism/prejudice when we set up moral high ground for others that we cannot even stand upon ourselves!!!

    Many of us talk a good game about fairness and equality but it seems not to matter unless a black is aggrieved/hurt, yet we demand that whites be understanding and have compassion for us when we are judged or discriminated against.

    We don’t have to look to the “racist man” to see prejudice and egregious hypocrisy. All we have to do is examine our present state and look back at our history to see how we have treated our own with our ridiculous “paper bag” tests, “blue vein”/country-social club entitlements and obsession with elevating or JUDGING, DENIGRATING AND EVEN OSTRACIZING those of us with TOO DARK SKIN, NAPPY HAIR AND BROAD FACIAL FEATURES!!

    As, the saying goes, those who live in glass houses don’t or should not throw stones. And, being descendants of slaves or Jim Crow does not exculpate black people from being prejudiced, racist or inhumane!!

    Godly values of treating others how you want to be treated and standing up for those values WILL OUTLAST RACISM, INEQUALITY, DISCRIMINATION, PREJUDICE, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, ANTIFA, and general ANARCHY any and every day and this country will be better off in the long run if we ALL simply practice what we preach and actually LIVE THOSE VIRTUES that WE REQUIRE OF OTHERS!!!

  4. Passing Through! on said:

    MSNBC thought bringing Faux News racist Megyn Kelly on would bring some of her racist ass Faux News audience over to their network, just like they hired ole twisted lion face Greta Van Susteren from Faux News and her s**tty show has already been canceled. They got rid of Tamron Hall for a racist faux news reject and she will fail too. MSNBC needs to give Joy Reid her on segment and not just a Saturday show.

  5. Good luck to Tamron. When ppl see Meghan Kelly they asscociate her to faux noise. She doesn’t have much of a ppl personality, she’s not appealing to the blk audience at all. Hell, I forgot she was on NBC.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything from M Kelly that would make me tune in to hear what she has to say, ever. But oh Ms. Hall tho, when she called out Chachi, Scott Baio, sealed the deal for me, 100% real talk. She has always been one of my favorites.

  6. Apparently Al and Tamron ONLY appealed to “non-whites” or else they would still be on air,
    If Hall does get her own Day time talk show where will it go and who will it compete with,
    as far as Kelly not appealing to a younger audience well shes no Katie Couric

  7. It just goes to show when one door closes, God opens up another one.

    I wish Tamron Hall the best and look forward to watching her new talk show.
    White folks can’t KEEP A STRONG BLACK WOMAN DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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